The main factor for the survival of any business is marketing and sales / promotion of more than four times customers in the sales process compared to the beginning of the year

A member of the board and sales manager of Saba Steel Persian Gulf Company told Maadan News about this company: “Based on a very smart design and with a 100% export approach, Saba Steel Persian Gulf Company is located next to the largest port.” The country was built, but unfortunately its construction and operation faced many problems.

Abdolreza Mahmoudpour added: “Fortunately, after launching and exploiting it, the problems of the project were gradually solved.” Especially in the past few months, with the efforts of all company officials, especially raw material supply and operation managements, and with the full support of the CEO and the Board of Directors, we have witnessed a very good increase in production and, more importantly, production stability. This promises a very bright future for this important factory in the country.

Regarding export auctions, he said: “The discovery of the company’s product price was formed in public auctions and based on the indicators announced by Metal Bulletin, the price of scrap and similar products will be evaluated and the basis for decision-making.”

The sales manager of Saba Persian Gulf Steel Company also added: Auctions and domestic sales will also be the index of the average supply price of Khuzestan Steel Company products in Iran Commodity Exchange will be one of the main bases for decision making and transactions of this company.

According to Mahmoudpour, based on the marketing, the number of foreign customers has increased more than 4 times, and inside, a long-term sales contract has been concluded with Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan, and the company’s product will be offered to other companies on a case-by-case basis.

He considered the marketing and sale of its products as the main factor of survival in any economic enterprise and continued: “In this company, due to the novelty of the product, internal and external marketing is of great importance. In the marketing and sales management of the company, very extensive measures It has been done on a large domestic and international level with the cooperation of all the company’s customers.

The sales manager of Saba Persian Gulf Steel Company said about the measures taken in the field of export: In this field, measures were taken to introduce the company’s product in all major consumer countries, including China, India and Southeast Asia, and negotiations in the domestic marketing sector. And several meetings were held with the purchasing officials of the raw materials of these factories. We also sent samples of the company’s products, which, with the cooperation and follow-up, succeeded in introducing a new product that could be one of the best alternatives to sponge iron and scrap in steelmaking units.

Mahmoudpour added: “Also, a long-term contract was signed with Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan and we are negotiating with other prominent steelmakers in the country for sale.”

He added: “Since the beginning of the year, 375,000 tons have been sold for export and about 200,000 tons in the country, and we hope to achieve new records in the history of Saba Steel by the end of the year.” Also, regarding the sale of hot briquettes, according to the geographical conditions of the factory and the high cost of sending raw materials, supply and procurement is done in the best way and in the most economical conditions, and the sale is done by export. Considering that the profits are 100% spent on the affairs of retirees, it is necessary for all officials of the country to cooperate in this field.

The sales manager of Saba Persian Gulf Steel Company said that the main obstacle to export is the lack of timely issuance of the relevant license through the Mining Department and stressed: it is necessary for the Ministry of Silence to determine the task and transparency in this regard to support exports.

Mahmoudpour continued: “Unfortunately, due to the length of this stage of the export process, a lot of damages are imposed on the company in the form of demolition of ships, and on the other hand, due to the location of Saba Steel factory in the Special Economic Zone, a 10% export tariff is practically applied.” It contradicts the goals of forming these areas, which need to be reviewed. He concluded: “Fortunately, with the unremitting efforts of all officials and colleagues of the Deputy Minister of Commerce, we managed to increase the number of customers in the company’s sales process more than four times compared to the beginning of the year.” This is an effective step towards transparency and respect for customers’ rights.