The main reason for the decline in coin prices

The main reason for the decline in coin prices

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting the world of economy, the price of coins in the market has been accompanied by a decrease in the price of currency compared to the previous days. Coins were priced at less than 12 million tomans on the last trading day last week. Yesterday, the price was reduced to 11 million and 790 thousand tomans, while gold and coin market activists say that there is another demand and motivation to buy gold and coins. There are no people and the market is in recession.

After a one million drop in coin prices in recent days, the demand for coins has decreased. Currency prices in the market have always been one of the main reasons for the decline in gold and coin prices, and this scenario has been repeated in recent days. The price of a half coin was priced at 6,250 Tomans and a quarter coin was priced at 4,250 Tomans, which shows a significant decrease.


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