The mechanism for repaying large-scale bank debt must be transparent and rational

According to Baaqtesad, the governor of the Central Bank recently announced the receipt of 30% of the debts of 11 people in the group of large bank debtors and it was announced that these people have about 90,000 billion tomans of bank debt, which with the cooperation of the judiciary and the central bank It is now received.

Return of bank debt The big debts of the country’s bank debtors are definitely a good thing for the country’s macro-economy, because it can be on the path of production and investment in the current difficult and sensitive situation. According to many experts, a major part of the crisis in Iran’s banking system is due to the existence of these large economic sectors that made huge profits and refused to repay the loans they received for years.

At present, due to the economic situation of the country, large bank debtors should be brought to justice and their debts should be collected as soon as possible so that the rights of the people are not further violated, and for this reason, the Central Bank in interaction with the judiciary The ancestor is trying to solve these problems. However, in the meantime, the manner and mechanism of this collection is also important because these resources must be used in the right economic direction and the damages caused by its delay must also be considered.

In this regard, the head of the Judicial Support and Anti-Corruption Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce stated: The banking system in the last 20 years and since the capacity to create private banks has increased in various forms and in various fields has suffered rent-seeking and mistakes in this area Which has also caused damage to the business environment and the country’s macro-economy.

Hassan Forouzanfard, referring to the statement of the Governor of the Central Bank about the receipt of part of the bank debts of the country’s major bank debtors, said: “In any case, the return of one rial from bank resources that has been stopped, provided it is in production lines All those who worked in this direction to repay the bank debts should be appreciated.

The head of the Judicial Support and Anti-Corruption Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce continued: “The important point here is how this debt repayment is done and according to the inflation rate in the economy, the amount of profit and losses due to late payment will be received.” شد. A person has a problem in the course of his economic activities and inevitably loses the ability to repay, in which case the banking system is expected to reduce the loss view and be more supportive. But at the same time, a person intentionally refuses to repay the loan received and earns huge profits from this path, which must be dealt with in accordance with the existing laws and human rights.

Forouzanfard said: “In fact, the mechanism of repaying large-scale bank debt in the economy should be transparent and logical, because with this inflation rate, if only the loan principal is to be returned, there is no economic justification at all.” To prevent this from happening, there is a need for transparency in the allocation of facilities in the banking system, while the central bank must monitor the performance framework of banks more carefully and supervised.

He stressed: “Currently, due to the fact that bank interest rates are significantly different from inflation, we are in a dangerous position that we may face such corruption in the next few years, so we must think of measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.” Based on the experience of these years, we have witnessed such cases in periods when inflation has reached the highest level and bank interest rates have been lower./IBNA