The miracle of 2 million just people

According to reports EconomyOnline Quoted from the world of economics; A well-known Iranian reporter and presenter was invited to Doha to meet the final match of the Asian Champions League between Persepolis And report Ulsan Hyundai of South Korea. The mere announcement that Iranian fans can watch the game with Adel’s report from the AFC Persian page caused the number of followers of this page to increase moment by moment. In a situation where the number of followers of this page was a little over 200,000 before the announcement on Friday morning, this number increased to about 1.6 million on Saturday morning, and this number was increasing moment by moment until the start of the game; It crossed the two million mark before the start of the race. This was a very big and comprehensive victory for the confederation. Even for sports and art stars, it is not easy to attract followers with news blasts so quickly, but Asian Football Confederation He achieved such success with a simple and correct decision. They now both have a popular media base and can make money from it. All this is a charity for the answer given by the managers of Iran TV and of course the AFC turned it into a goal! It is really painful that the internal forces, with all their potential and talent, are left to their own devices and take the wedding to the alleys of others.

Adel enters Instagram?

Adel Ferdowsipour has refused to participate in social networks during his many years of activity in the media space. However, the blocking of his career at Radio and Television, as well as the restrictions placed on Adel to work with Internet TV, seem to have tempted him to communicate directly with his fans and audience. Recently, Adel did not rule out the possibility of appearing on social networks, specifically Instagram, for the first time at the unveiling of his new book, and now the astonishing reception of his report on the AFC page can strengthen this motivation in Ferdowsipour. If it is possible that his report on a football game on an abandoned page will be welcomed by millions, why shouldn’t Ferdowsipour use this opportunity to produce and broadcast his new program? Undoubtedly, this is a big temptation now, and if the former host and producer of Program 90 takes it seriously, the managers of Channel 3 will regret directing this story in such a way.

It is different from Mazdak

Mazdak Mirzaei was a reporter who allegedly left Iran due to some unkindness and immigrated to England to work for a Persian-language satellite network. Mazdak’s presence in this network, of course, did not mean much to him. However, Adel’s story is different. He is deeply attached to life in Iran and has mentioned this issue many times. However, working conditions for Adel abroad are much better than for someone like Mirzaei. Ferdowsipour is fluent in English and has collaborated with international publications such as Worldsucker for many years. The AFC invitation to him also made it clear that the international community is aware of the capabilities of this reporter and programmer. So I wish we didn’t keep people so thirsty now that the water is in the jug.