The murder of a young girl / old man tore the young girl to pieces! + Details

The murder of a young girl happened horribly. The murder of a young girl was due to family disputes. The murder of a young girl was done with a gun. The murder of a young girl is sad and horrible news. Latest news related to Murder of a young girl Read on Khabar Azad website

Professor Oleg Sokolov, 64, beheaded 24-year-old Anastasia Yeshchenko after being shot and dumped in St. Petersburg’s Moka River.

Anastasia’s severed head was found in a plastic bag in the IKEA store in Sokolov’s luxurious apartment, and her body and legs were pulled out of the river.

The eminent professor, who has taught at the Sorbonne and received the French Medal of Honor, is now set to be sent into exile.

Sokolov, a professor at St. Petersburg State University, and his mistress, Yeshchenko, a doctoral student, were involved in a renovation project from Napoleon’s reign.

According to the judge, Sokolov first shot Yashchenko, then tried to strangle him, but Yeshchenko still had vital signs, so Sokolov shot him again.

Sokolov fired four shots at his mistress, one of which hit Yashchenko in the right eye. Sokolov’s weapon belonged to the nineteenth century and cavalry.

After killing Yeshchenko and before butchering his body, the Russian master held a party with his friends in his apartment. Yeshchenko’s body was hidden under Sokolov’s bed at the time. He had separated the body.

He used a saw and a knife to dismember the body in his bathroom. According to the judge, Sokolov is mentally healthy and initially lied about the murder.

Sokolov was arrested as he tried to throw his beloved, who had been cut off from his shoulder and was in his backpack, amid the icy waters of the Moika River.

Sokolov said he was tired on the day of the incident and suspected Yeshchenko of betraying him, so he was angry when Yeshchenko told him he was going to his friend’s birthday party.

Yeshchenko had told Sokolov that his release should be respected, but according to the judge, the couple, who had been separated for 40 years, were extremely jealous of each other.

This incident led to a dispute that led to Yeshchenko’s death. “I hate you,” he shouted at the argument. get lost. “Let me go.”

Sokolov alleges that Yeshchenko insulted and attacked his children from his previous love affair, but the judge denied this, saying that Sokolov shot him when Yeshchenko threatened him.

Sokolov had previously expressed his deep remorse in court.

“Not only do I believe I should be punished, but I want to be punished to atone for the crime I committed,” he said.

He said Anastasia was the love of his life and that if his mother was in court he would kneel before him and let him shoot her.

After killing Anastasia, Sokolov bought a new IKEA mattress to hide the blood stains on the previous mattress.

The Russian professor was in a relationship with at least two other students who testified that Sokolov was a controller and very aggressive. The remains of the victim’s body were identified by his father.