The mutated corona does not cause more severe disease

A World Health Organization official said Monday that there is no evidence that the coronavirus mutation causes a more severe disease than its original form.

“There is still no evidence that the new Covid-19 strain is causing a more severe illness, and research into whether the new strain of Covid-19 is causing more severe illness,” said Mike Ryan, director of emergency services at the World Health Organization. “This disease is more infectious and continues.”

The British Minister of Health announced on Monday last week that a new type of corona virus has been found with a faster spread in this country.

According to the BBC News website, British Health Minister Matt Hancock said that at least 60 different local authorities in the UK had registered infections based on the new species of corona.

The British Minister of Health has told the House of Commons that a new type of coronavirus has been identified that may spread faster. The World Health Organization has been informed, he said.

The first countries, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, also reported the discovery of cases of this mutated version of the Corona virus.

A number of countries have suspended flights to the UK since yesterday. Italy, Germany, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Iran are some of the countries that have announced that they have suspended flights to and from the UK. The Zionist regime has also announced that it will suspend flights to Britain.