The need for a research map to control the corona pandemic

The professor of epidemiology at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, emphasizing that relying solely on article-based research does not alleviate the pain of society, called for the development of a codified research map to control the corona pandemic.

According to ISNA, Dr. Hamid Souri, a member of the epidemiology committee of the Tehran Corona headquarters, stressed the importance of research to control the corona epidemic, and stressed the need to strengthen the research arm in the management of the Covid 19 epidemic.

Emphasizing that the country’s scientific committees should make policies based on scientific documents, experiences or experts’ opinions, he added: “In the epidemic that the world is struggling with today, important questions of policymakers in the field of epidemic control should be addressed through research.” Respond systematically and planned.

The university faculty member stressed that technologists should develop a codified plan to control the corona pandemic.

“Only research can shed light on the role of interventions in reducing epidemics,” he said. “If the right research is not done, it will not be possible to judge whether deterrents have actually reduced the epidemic.”

The faculty member continued: “The results of research by scientific centers and associations can significantly affect the decision-making policy of disease control policy makers.”

Stating that epidemic control requires a multilateral approach in the form of a package of prevention, he said that providing planned and effective research to those in charge of corona epidemic control is an effective way to eradicate the disease.

According to Suri, cross-cutting and one-sided measures can make people optimistic or worried, so if we want to control the epidemic, we have no choice but to put prevention before cure in this crisis.

Pointing out that using the existing scientific and research resources of the country, crisis management can be strengthened, the university professor said: “Supporting the formation of an emergency research committee in the field of Covid 19 epidemic control can be on the agenda as a key solution to overcome the Corona challenge.” Be.

“Relying solely on article-based research does not alleviate the pain of society,” he said. “Research has the potential to score, but it is not enough to improve health infrastructure and pandemic control.”

Dr. Souri stressed the need for a comprehensive and in-depth approach to controlling the epidemic, noting that today the people of the country and the world need scientific and effective methods to reduce the burden of disease and prevent further casualties.

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