The need to strengthen purchasing power and curb inflation

Nasrullah Pejmanfar in an interview with IBNA, referring to the recent statements of the government regarding the support of the vulnerable sections of society and providing them with assistance of one hundred thousand and one million Tomans, said: “In the current situation, the best help to these sections is to curb inflation.”

The representative of the people of Mashhad in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, emphasizing that the inflation that has occurred in the economy has drastically reduced the purchasing power of the people, added: “We expect the government and the central bank to restore the value of the national currency.”

“Sometimes the government has to see the revenue and expenditure as real and make promises accordingly,” he said.

Emphasizing that increasing cash in the hands of the people does not have a good effect, the MP said: “If the government can control inflation, it will not need to print banknotes, because now the people have a lot of money, but they can still buy it.” Is down.

Pejmanfar said that economic problems have made life very difficult for vulnerable groups and groups, adding: “The government and the central bank should present a written plan on how to curb inflation.”

Emphasizing that the purchasing power of the people should be checked every month, the head of the Parliament اصل Article کمی Commission stated: “Our people understand well and their message is that if the government keeps our past ability to buy goods, it is better than various deposits.”