The new camp event starts on January 7th

According to IBNA reporter, Mohammad Reza Ghobadi, CEO of Novin Tech Company, stated in the press conference of Novin Camp One event: Novin Tech Company has started its activity since 1996 as an accelerator for startups and in the fields of data, cloud space, e-commerce and internet. Things work.

He said that the company has covered 25 startups so far, adding that since 1999, the company has moved to organizational acceleration by changing its strategy and targeting startups that create value in the bank’s chain of activities.

Referring to NovinTek’s planning in the field of wealth management, Ghobadi stated: In the NovinTek 1 event, which will be followed from January 7, two categories of startups have been targeted, the first of which are start-ups that are not yet ready to attract capital, and the second. There are mature startups that have a ready-made product and are ready to raise capital and need banking services.

The CEO of Novin Tak Company pointed out: We are preparing the infrastructure for the first category and direct investment of up to 20 billion Tomans for the second category and providing banking infrastructure and capital market with the cooperation of Stargan Investment Company, providing new capital and Persia Entrepreneurship.

He also said about the workshops planned in this event: the workshops will be held online for free for the public from the 3rd to the 17th of Bahman, and attending the opening does not require registration, but after registration, the process of reviewing and selecting for investment begins. We hope to put investment options into action by the end of 1999.

Sahar Hashi Tabatabai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NovinTek, also stated in this press conference: “Bank Eghtesad-e-Novin has seriously put the move towards digital banking on the agenda since 1998. In this regard, NovinTek Company through innovative solutions to solve financial problems The Bank has put the New Economy on the agenda.

He added: “New Economy Bank needs innovative solutions to win in the field of competition, and Novin Camp event is a way to use startups that have innovative and creative solutions in the field of banking and finance.”

Hashemi, stating that the new events of the camp will be continuously followed, said: “In the first stage of this event, the field of capital management and wealth management has been considered and this event is the way for startups to work with New Economy Bank and other banks.”