The new check law was suspended

The new check law was suspended

According to Eqtesad News, Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian announced the postponement of the implementation of the Czech amendment law until the end of the year.

This law had been in force since December 13 of this year, and according to it, all checks were to be issued in the name of a specific beneficiary. Also, registering a check transfer in Sayad system will replace check backing.

Registration in the fishing system and the possibility of inquiring for the recipient of the check were other cases provided in this law.

The “Law on Amending the Law on Issuing Checks” was amended and revised by the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 1397.8.13. And it took two years to implement the planned reforms, but now the vice president for economy says: with the negotiations between Rouhani and Qalibaf, the implementation of the law has been delayed for another three months.

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