The number of red cities in Corona has reached zero

If we do not take care of God and disregard the health regulations, it will happen again. Of course, some things went well. For example, the mask became famous, and today all people pay attention to this famous and if someone does not use the mask, they also order the famous.

Referring to the Yalda night ceremony, Obama recalled the slogan “Let’s not gather to not be reduced”: In the last two months, people, businesses, guilds, public transportation and families have cooperated a lot. We were very worried on the first of Azar and our 160 cities were red; But now the number of our red cities is zero and we do not have a red city, and this is due to the efforts and magnanimity of the dear people. According to IRNA, he continued: “In the context of Corona, the people, the government and the medical staff, and all the forces that took the responsibility, all joined hands, and this was the unity, empathy and trust of the people in the country’s health expertise.” He was able to save us from this terrible wave.

Referring to the statistics of coronary heart disease in the country, Rouhani said: “Almost everywhere, the third wave has been more and more violent than the previous wave.” Because the virus got stronger and we went cold. In these conditions, the cold weather is effective. Because the doors and windows are closed and everyone gathers in a limited environment and the spread to the environment becomes more prepared and more problems, thank God, a good and great work has been done during this period. The President pointed out: Meetings and periods are denied. This, of course, has been done a lot and people are paying attention; But it must still be said that the absence of distancing denies communities and periods. The elderly, the vulnerable, and those with underlying diseases should be especially cared for. Everyone in their family should take care of the elderly and people with underlying diseases. We have to set aside periods until the end of the year, until next year, and until we are told the conditions are right.

Rouhani said: “Those who understand that they were infected with this disease, and especially their test was positive, must observe two weeks and quarantine and isolate themselves and do not enter the community.” Those who are obliged to deal with fines and deal with these people, to deal with them and impose fines; Because it is important for someone whose coronation is positive to enter society and infect others. He added: “People who feel they have symptoms of the disease, even if they think they have a cold or the flu, be sure to see a doctor and hospital so that we do not get into trouble.” Gatherings and dormitories Even family dormitories are a big problem that we have to pay attention to in order to cross this wave and not have other waves.

Economic growth without oil

In another part of his speech, Rouhani said that in the first six months of this year, economic growth was positive with both oil and oil, saying: “Our economic growth without oil was 1.4 and with oil 1.3, which is one of the great honors for our nation in This is a difficult situation. According to IRNA, Afrod: Some businesses, especially in the tourism sector, were shut down or could not operate. But other sectors, such as industry, agriculture, came on the scene and made up for it, and that is very honorable. Rouhani added: “In a situation where most countries are experiencing negative economic growth minus 7 and minus 9 and minus 5, countries whose economic growth is positive are limited and we are among the countries that despite the problems of sanctions and economic war as well as the coron of economic growth.” Our first month has been positive. He expressed hope that the positive economic growth will continue in the second six months until the end of the year and said: “Our hope and our calculations show that this year our economic growth is positive and next year we will have better economic growth.”

Integration of government and parliament livelihood decree

Referring to the government’s action to provide livelihood assistance to citizens who do not have a fixed salary, he said: “We have always been looking for help to people who have a fixed salary. And these people could not operate in their own free market due to the coronary conditions. We tried to provide livelihood assistance for these people for each family for four months. The President added: “Of course, we were supposed to pay 100,000 Tomans for each family member, and the Islamic Consultative Assembly also had a resolution according to which it had set a limit of 120,000 Tomans for some of these people. Like the Relief and Welfare Committee, each person should receive 120,000 Tomans and the rest 100,000 Tomans. Rouhani stated that the first installment related to December has been paid and the other three installments will be paid by the end of the year, noting: “We had a number of problems due to the integration of the government plan with the parliament’s resolution, which we amended in today’s session.”

I am happy with the anger of the enemies

Continuing his speech, Babian said that 30 million people in the country, God willing, will use free electricity and gas from this month: “Also, our situation in the gas industry is such that the hand of the government is full.” Because gas production in the country had never reached one billion cubic meters. At the beginning of the government, gas production was more than 600 million cubic meters and today it has reached one billion cubic meters per day.

He continued: “Exceptional steps have been taken in the water sector in this government and we will transfer the water of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman to the Central Plateau, the first part of which was inaugurated, and God willing, the next phases of this huge project will be inaugurated in the coming months.” The head of the twelfth government, referring to the anger of some of the government’s plan, said: “I know how angry those who are against Iran and propagandize with the free water, electricity and gas plan, and I saw how greedily they say why the government does this.” And why these are free. The enemies do not want to believe in the progress of the country.

According to ISNA, the president stressed that those who worked hard against Iran should hear what I am saying once again: “Every time they heard it, they got angry and I am happy when we make the enemies of the Iranian nation angry.”