The official exchange rate of 29 currencies fell

According to the announcement of the Central Bank, each US dollar for today (Monday, January 1, 1999) fell by 42 thousand Rials without any change compared to the previous day. Also, each British pound decreased by 705 Rials to the price of 56,080 Rials and each Euro decreased by 324 Rials to 51,185 Rials.

In addition, each Swiss franc 47,373 riyals, Swedish krona 5,052 riyals, Norwegian krone 4,829 riyals, Danish krone 6,881 riyals, Indian rupee 570 riyals, UAE dirham 11,437 Rials, Kuwaiti Dinar 138,036 Rials, One Hundred Pakistani Rupees 26,237 Rials, One Hundred Japanese Yen 40,629 Rials, Hong Kong Dollar 5,418 Rials, Omani Rial 109,232 Rials and Canadian Dollar 32,689 Rials. Rials were priced.

On the other hand, the exchange rate of the New Zealand dollar was 29,806 Rials, the South African rand was 2,848 Rials, the Turkish lira was 5,468 Rials, the Russian ruble was 567 Rials, the Qatari rial was 11,539 Rials, and one hundred Iraqi dinars was 3,529 Rials, Syrian Lira 82 Rials, Australian Dollar 31 thousand 807 Rials, Saudi Rial 11 thousand 200 Rials, Bahraini Dinar 111 thousand 702 Rials, Singapore Dollar 31 thousand 514 Rials, one hundred Bangladeshi Taka 49 thousand 557 Rials, ten rupees Sri Lanka was set at 2,235 rials, Kiyat Myanmar at 32 rials and 100 Nepalese rupees at 35,425 rials.

Also, the rate of one hundred Armenian drams is 8 thousand 721 Rials, the Libyan dinar is 31 thousand 321 Rials, the Chinese yuan is 6 thousand 407 Rials, one hundred Thai baht is 139 thousand 845 Rials, the Malaysian ringgit is 10 thousand 386 Rials, one thousand South Korean won. 38,132 riyals, Jordanian dinar 59,238 riyals, 100 Kazakhstani tenge 10,109 riyals, Georgian lari 12,809 riyals, Indonesian rupiah 2,967 riyals, Afghan afghanis 546 riyals, new Belarusian ruble 16 1,739 rials, Azerbaijani manat 24,721 rials, 100 Philippine pesos 87,365 rials, Tajik somoni 3,717 rials, new Venezuelan bolivar 4,206 rials and new Turkmen manat 12,080 rials.