The outflow of real liquidity in the cold season and the volatile days of the capital market / yesterday’s green, today’s redheads of the stock market

Today, Tuesday, January 30, the trend of Tehran Stock Exchange and OTC trading was down and negative, and the overall index fell by more than 25,000 units, down 1.7%, under the influence of the negative of the big symbols that were all positive yesterday. The total homogeneous index was also parallel to the total index, declining and with a decrease of 0.7%, 3656 units were pulled down.

Market green light at pre-opening time

Today’s opening time on the stock exchange and OTC began with the registration of demand in symbols such as Vazar, Kama, Petair, Pardakht, Feros, Chakhzar, Ghogila, Distribution, Semga and Rafza.

At the beginning of trading time, the overall index with a positive trend of large symbols such as Shasta and Shepna, climbed more than 2,000 units, but the increase in supply in the overall market view, strengthened this trend and the index fell 3,500 units in the first trading hour. The main negatives of the market this morning were the symbols of steel, car, family, khobhman and shabriz.

Change the thumb procedure from the ascending circuit downwards

Shasta, which had an upward trend in the first minutes of trading and yesterday, along with Fars, were two positive and effective symbols on the rise of the overall index, changed its behavior in the middle of today’s market and faced an increase in supply. Shasta with a negative of 3%, transferred more than 35 million shares at a price of 2385 Tomans.

The metals also turned red

The negative wave in the market also reddened metal symbols. With a decrease of more than 2%, at the price of 1332 Tomans, Foolad reached the volume of 33 million transactions, and Zob traded 54 million shares with 493.1 Tomans near the daily price floor, and witnessed a large supply.

The registration of a 97% increase in family capital did not prevent the symbol from falling

Famli, as one of the largest metal companies on the stock exchange, despite the trend of global markets, which are facing rising demand and prices, had a downward trend today, and the news of a 97% capital increase in this share could not prevent it from falling. Famli traded 23 million shares today at a price of 14682 Tomans with a negative 2.5%

Large sales queue of cars

The group of cars did not have a better day than other symbolic symbols, and all the symbols of this group were in the sales queue. The car was priced at 318 Tomans and 444 million shares were transferred, the sales queue was 49 million Tomans.

Khosapa saw its 20 million shares on sale today and moved 440 million shares at a price of 229 Tomans, and Khogstar agreed to transfer 220 million shares at a price of 407 Tomans by forming a 12 million sale queue.

The red fire of the bazaar also took the skirt of Khaparsi, which was one of the positive symbols of the car manufacturers in the past days, and this symbol entered the negative circuit. Khapars, at a price of 829 Tomans, witnessed a sales queue of 36 million and its trading volume reached 16 million shares.

Injection of green dye into drugs by injecting the first dose of Barakat vaccine

In the middle of today’s trading session, some drug symbols such as Barakat, which were in the negative range and sales queue, changed color with the news of the injection of the first dose of the company’s corona vaccine, and went from the sales queue to the purchase queue in green. The symbols of Diran, Desanko, Rishmak, Dabalak and Detmad also joined the shopping queue.

Refining negatives along with leaving the sales queue

The refining group also went through the daily price floor and were accompanied by positive and negative trends. Shepna, clinging to the price floor with 1314 Tomans, traded more than 250 million shares and started collecting and selling queues. Camels also traded 78 million tomans at a price of 1103 tomans.

In this group, Shebandar with a price of 2712 Tomans and collecting a large volume of sales queue, moved 45 million shares and Shabriz with a price of 3274 Tomans could not leave the sales queue. Chanel is the lubricant symbol of the petroleum products group, but its trades fell by 3%.

Final view of Tehran Stock Exchange transactions, on Tuesday, December 29, 1999

At the end of today’s trading in the stock market, the overall index with the most negative impact of the family symbols, Shasta, Fars, steel and car fell 25,167 units and stood in the channel of 1,412,000 units, close to the 1.3 million mark.

The total value of today’s transactions was close to 20,000 billion tomans, and metal ores, pharmaceuticals and automobiles were the top industries today with 1420.6, 1141 and 1015.4 billion tomans, respectively.

The value of small stock exchange transactions today reached 12 thousand and 111 billion tomans and the net change of stock exchange ownership of 515 billion tomans was recorded from the portfolio of real estate to the portfolio of legal entities.

Stock market cash market:

Total stock index: 1,411,823.90 (25388.35-)

Total homogeneity index: 465.427 (3711.83-)

Value of transactions: 13,309 billion Tomans

Trading volume: 9.6 billion shares

Three symbols with the most negative effects: Famli, Shasta and Fars

OTC cash market:

Total Index: 19,976.39 (108.46-)

Value of transactions: 6,954 billion Tomans

Trading volume: 3.5 billion shares

Three symbols with the most negative effects: Zob, Shagovia and Maroon

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