The parliament must remove or amend a number of clauses in the draft law amending the election law

“Mohammad Javad Kolivand”, the Deputy Minister of Interior, in an interview with the political correspondent of Borna News Agency, stated that because there are no series of indicators in the presidential registration, the number of people who register is very high: Article 115 of the law specifies the main criteria and criteria for the people who want to register for the presidency, such as politicians, religious leaders, managers and planners. The conditions of the people who register are two parts (general and specific).

He added: In the interpretation of the Guardian Council from zero to 100 Article 99 of the Constitution, the Presidential elections, the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the experts and leadership are given supervision and approval of the Guardian Council, any issue that is not discussed in the Constitution, we want as special conditions Add, of course, the Guardian Council rejects.

In the policies announced by the Supreme Leader in 1995, regarding the reform of laws, I think one of its clauses is that it states the criteria and indicators of political, religious and managerial leaders that must be approved by the Guardian Council. .

He continued: In this case, two things happen; If the Guardian Council approves some clauses and gives it to the parliament to be enacted by the deputies, naturally it will not be changed or the clause cannot be removed and added, but if the Guardian Council has not written it and the legislator has done it, it is likely that the Guardian Council Check and reject, there.

The former member of parliament noted: We face a paradox that a large number of people register. What conditions should we create so that a large number of people do not register and those who really have the conditions register? These are the general conditions for registering, but the specific conditions that are the same as the discussion of recognizing politicians, managers, prudent, governors and practical commitment. It has been to Velayat-e-Faqih that these are within the authority of the Guardian Council.

He stated at the endWith this procedure, we are moving forward, a large number of clauses will be challenged by the Guardian Council, and the parliament must remove or amend some of them. 4