The participation of non-governmental organizations is the turning point of Sahand Healthy City program – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, Babak Razi Manesh stated in the intimate meeting of the officials of non-governmental organizations and Sahand media, which was held with the aim of coordination and preparation for the presence of WHO evaluators: Samanehs due to responsibility towards their fellow human beings and trust Social relations between people have a great power in moderating the pains of society.

Pointing out that sustainable development is the ideal of all human societies, he added: “Today, the technical view of development has become the dominant approach to social development and welfare is at the top of development goals.”

County Governor اسکو The ultimate goal of development is to establish justice, reduce inequality and increase the quality of life in all sectors and said: having a plan ریزی Accurate, the use of all material and spiritual capacities, strengthening the capabilities of society to adjust and repair shortcomings is necessary to achieve sustainable and balanced development.

Razi Manesh said: “Participation is one of the main indicators of development and one of the strong arms in promoting health, reducing poverty, injustice at the community level and achieving sustainable and balanced development is promoting participation and increasing social roles.”

He considered the role of non-governmental organizations in solving many issues and problems, as well as adjusting and repairing the pains of society, important and said: “Samnas accelerate the passage of the development stage by trying to solve people’s problems and social concerns.”

He considered turning all eyes to the government to solve the problems of the society as an obstacle to development and on the necessity of making maximum use of social participation and interest. Giri He stressed the capacity of the Samanids to grow and develop society and fight poverty and inequality.

County Governor اسکو He said: “Participation, cooperation and effective presence of non-governmental organizations in Sahand Healthy City program is the turning point of this project and their actions are worthy of praise and appreciation and all agencies should fully support the Samanids and work to improve their quantity and quality.”

He considered the Sahand Healthy City project as a program to ensure the health of the community, improve the indicators of this field and the macro approach of officials and citizens for the sustainable development of this city and expressed hope that with the continuation of this program and accession as the first healthy city of the Islamic Republic, Sahand is a model for Become cities of the country and the eastern Mediterranean region.

He considered the role of the Samnas in promoting the empowerment of the society very important and key and added: “One of the tasks of the Samnas in this program is social, economic and cultural empowerment of the society with priority given to vulnerable groups, women, girls and the disabled.” It has been done in Sahand, which must be completed and continued.

Razi Manesh said: “An important part of the activity of Sahand NGOs is the management of social harms and solving the challenges in this field.”

He added: “Preparing a comprehensive map of the risk of social harms for the first time in this city is one of the measures of the Sahand Healthy City program. By preparing this map, trainings are more scientific and practical and very purposeful interventions are being carried out.”

County Governor اسکو Coordination and empathy between officials, officials and citizens and coordination between the 23 executive bodies of the success of this project and expressed hope: the registration of this city as the first healthy city in the country by the World Health Organization and accession to healthy cities is an honor for the country and Initiate a clear path to sustainable and balanced development to increase the well-being and quality of life for the people of this city.