The path of economic reform of the country is the capital market

For some time, there was not much news about the disruption in the core of transactions and the brokerage system, but yesterday, after a long time, the system of one of the country’s leading brokerages broke down. The disruption, which erupted in the early hours of the market, prompted stock market activists and shareholders who used the brokerage to trade sharply. It has also led to the resurgence of the argument on social media that shareholders should not have an account with just one brokerage, as their system may be disrupted at any moment, and they may be barred from trading; For this reason, some people have advised others in their writings to try to register in other brokerages that are anonymous and have less audience, so that in cases where their main brokerage system is disrupted, they can trade through Do another brokerage.

One of the tweets that was noticed yesterday was written by Vali Ismaili, a member of parliament. “Iran’s economic reform path passes through the capital market and should have a 50 percent share in the financing of manufacturing companies and semi-finished projects,” he wrote on his personal page. “In order to achieve this goal, the position of the Exchange Organization as an oversight body in the country’s administrative system must be strengthened and on a par with the Central Bank,” Ismaili continued. Regarding the budget bill for 1400, one of the tweets that was noticed and visited yesterday was written by Ali Saadvandi, an economist. In his article, he described the 1400 budget situation as dire and claimed that it was so dire that “with a few cosmetic modifications called structural modifications” it would not work. Saadvandi continued: “The watery criticism of the critics can only be used to justify the budget designers. “For real structural reform, you have to be equipped with the tools of modern knowledge.” The discussion of the budget bill for 1400 in the first days of its submission to the Islamic Consultative Assembly was a topic that was considered by those present on the social network Twitter. As the details of the various sections of next year’s proposed budget were published by members of parliament, the media and journalists, more and more people on this social network became interested in this issue. But now, with the government and parliament arguing over the 1400 budget bill, the issue is no longer limited to the social network Twitter. For several days now, people who work on the Instagram social network have become sensitive to this issue and follow it. These people often share news related to the 1400 budget bill in their personal page stories or write about the expenses planned by the government in next year’s budget for some institutions and organizations. Writings that are sometimes critical.

Behzad Samadi

Capital market analyst

Due to the growth of world prices, we are witnessing the success of valuable stocks in the market. January is on its way and the monthly reports as well as the realized profits of the autumn season are ahead, which will significantly reduce the market p / e, which will increase the market value. As a result, a hot January awaits the market.

Walid Helalat

Capital market expert

The market grew in 22 trading days, from 1.2 million units to 1.5 million, but within 3 trading days returned 50%. Prices are a good place, but they are not psychologically filled during the correction period, so I think the market should be changed around this. Buy a good share at a good price and a good place.