The plan for establishing a High Energy Council was reviewed

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Ahmad Moradi, while explaining today’s meeting of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stated: One of the issues discussed in today’s meeting of the commission is the amendment of Article (3) of the Law on Amendment of Articles (2). And (4) was the law of the third program of economic, social and cultural development of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the formation of the Supreme Energy Council of the country.

He further stated: The representatives expressed their opinions and suggestions in this regard, but the review of this plan in the commission is still ongoing.

The representative of the people of Bandar Abbas in the parliament stated: Another discussion that was followed in the meeting of the commission; It was a report that had reached the commission based on Articles 236 and 235 of the House Rules of Procedure. According to the internal regulations of the parliament, the ministers and the president are obliged to submit their performance reports to the parliament every year based on the programs announced during the vote of confidence, and the specialized commissions also review the reports.

He further emphasized: the ministers of oil and energy have submitted their reports to the parliament and the energy commission is also obliged to review these reports in accordance with the regulations in the specialized field. The commission also followed up on this issue in today’s meeting.