The possibility of a food crisis in the UK with the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus

The outbreak of a new type of corona virus has caused a great deal of trouble for Britain.

The outbreak of a new type of coronavirus has caused a lot of trouble for Britain, according to the Guardian. The virus, which has a much higher prevalence than other previous strains of the virus, has caused many European countries to close their air and land borders with the country.

خیSome countries, including neighboring countries, have closed their land and air borders with Britain. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are among the countries that have banned incoming flights from the UK. The Canadian government also banned passenger planes from entering the country for 72 hours.

This, of course, has led some experts to warn of food shortages in the country.

“Following the outbreak of the mutated virus, France has banned all land traffic through the English Channel with Britain for 48 hours,” the Cyan News Network reported.

This has led to a large number of food trucks being barred from entering the UK, raising the possibility of a food crisis in the country.

The first immediate consequence of this French action is the cessation and shortage of fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits, which are desperately needed at this time of year.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that there are long queues at the borders of the two countries.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is scheduled to hold an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the scale of the situation and its effects.