The possibility of temporarily eliminating the unemployment benefits of millions of Americans

As Congress nears agreement on a bill to support the Corona virus, experts say unemployment benefits for about 12 million people will be cut off, at least temporarily, next week. .

Legislators are still scrutinizing the items that will be presented in the next bill, including the number of weeks that extends Unemployment Insurance (UI) for workers and self-employed contractors through the long-term epidemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. Slowly Unemployment that has maximized its benefits from the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program (PEUC). Earlier today, a protection bill seemed to be ready to extend benefits for 10 weeks.

But even if Congress succeeds in passing the bill before the benefits expire on December 26, the repayment of benefits usually takes about two to three weeks, according to a senior analyst. This means that starting next week, millions of people who are currently receiving the pandemic unemployment benefit program and long-term benefits will at least temporarily lose their weekly payments.

This is because each state uses its own unemployment insurance system, and it takes time to implement it whenever the law changes. This was done earlier this year when President Donald Trump gave instructions on how to use the budget to provide Signed an additional $ 300 benefits for a few weeks, following a $ 600-a-week benefits increase at the end of July. In some states, it took months for additional funding to be delivered to eligible individuals.

Although there may be delays in receiving payments, there should be no shortage of eligibility. So when states are able to start payments, they must react to the final bill start date.

Again, it all depends on what Congress includes in the bill, and when it will be passed. Unemployment benefits are now reportedly one of the key points in the negotiations: Previously, the negotiated bill was changed from providing 16-week unemployment insurance to 10 weeks.