The pound sterling depreciated sharply against the dollar with the introduction of a new type of corona

At the start of European markets, the pound fell against the dollar due to bad news from the introduction of a new strain of coronavirus in the UK, and has so far lost nearly 2% of its value against the dollar. Is.

Pressures on the pound due to the identification of a new strain of the corona virus have increased 70 times faster than the original type of virus, as well as the instabilities resulting from the Briggs negotiations in recent days.

Many countries have canceled flights to the United Kingdom and two or three other countries where the virus was found. This morning, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held an emergency meeting with members of the Cabinet to discuss further flight restrictions and the application of coronary restrictions.

The Briggs negotiations in Europe have so far failed, and the long and arduous talks between British and European negotiators are still ongoing. Britain will formally secede from the European Union on December 31, and the two sides have only 10 days to reach an agreement.

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