The prevalence of the corona has led insurers to become more inclined to use online platforms

In this ceremony, Engineer Seyed Nader Hejazian, Chairman of the Board, Engineer Bahareh Sharifion, Managing Director and Founder of this company will host prominent personalities of the country such as Dr. Daliri, Vice President for Science and Technology and his Deputy, Engineer Bakhtiari, CEO of Razi Insurance Company Maleki, the company’s deputy, and Nour Alizadeh, the deputy director of Saman Insurance, were in charge.

Welcoming the guests, Mr. Seyed Nader Hejazian, Chairman of the Board of Aria Pardaz Raika, said: Aria Pardaz Raika Company, a member of ENIAC Holding, with its Datumcom brand, is active in selling insurance products online with the aim of covering the dynamic market of the insurance industry and facilitating The process of buying insurance has begun. So far, this knowledge-based company has been able to take effective steps in providing better and more appropriate services to insurers and accelerating the growth and economic development of the country and increasing productivity and quantitative and qualitative growth of the insurance industry in B2B and B2C, especially in 1999. There is a growing desire to use online platforms. He added: “Inshortek software and online insurance services industry, of which Aria Pardaz Raika Knowledge-Based Company is also a subsidiary, is an economic, justice-oriented and reliable industry.” Strengthening the position of Inshortek industry in preserving national assets as well as providing comprehensive services such as online insurance services and customer club to households, economic enterprises. He reminded: ENIAC Holding with its capabilities can take an effective step towards the goals of excellence of the insurance industry in banking services and payment in line with Datcom Insurance as a member of ENIAC Holding.

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Based on this report, Engineer Bahareh Sharifion, CEO of, said: is an online platform for comparing, inquiring and buying Bimeh Aria Pardaz Insurance online, which with the help of its technical knowledge, support of business partners and customer trust with the most appropriate guarantee Insurance prices, free specialized consulting, providing services and delivery of insurance policies to all parts of the country, proper response and support, move towards achieving the ideal goals of the country’s insurance industry. works with some organizations, startups such as Coin, Pot, Sadad, Worker House and Gearing software, so that’s organizational panel software has a competitive advantage. In this service, organizations can have their own insurance related to their employees as a group by having specialized software for .com insurance. Elimination of space and time constraints, reduction of premium rates, increase of sales volume, easy access to information, reduction of transaction costs, customer orientation, specialization of activities and change of sales network structure are among the benefits of using .com insurance. works with some organizations, startups such as Coin Software, Pot, Sadad, Worker House and Gearing. Another competitive advantage is the .com insurance panel software. In this service, organizations can have their own insurance related to their employees as a group by having specialized software for .com insurance.

“Regardless of the economic situation in the country, we have used the experiences of the past years in such a way that we not only rely on ourselves and our colleagues to advance our goals, but also benefit from the participation of our customers,” he said. It should be noted that in this regard, we have not withheld the participation of business partners. In the various situations we have encountered, creating a lasting sense of trust and growing goodwill in the various layers of our business partners has been another major goal.

Government support for start-up companies

The report adds: Dr. Daliri, Vice President for Science and Technology, said: “When a project and insurance business model is born, the way it is implemented and implemented shows how it was created and always indicates that in the background A new idea, creativity and thinking that meets all identified needs lies. Innovative and innovative ideas that have taken their value and developed from creative and expert thought and birth.

Dr. Daliri stated: We have started supporting start-ups a few years ago and the relevant regulations have been developed. So far, several knowledge-based companies have been licensed in the field of insurance. has been and is one of the knowledge-based companies we support.

Startups should not just think about sales innovation. Rather, they should be looking for creativity and creation in all services, and we will be with these insurance companies and remove obstacles.

He said: “Start-up companies should continue to operate with 100% capacity and not wait for various changes from government agencies.” Rather, it is small companies that are changing traditional systems. It is at this time that various support can be expected from the government and the scientific deputy.

At the end of his speech, he suggested to .com insurance managers to continue using Blockchain technologies and digital currency or Cryptocurrency to help reduce violations and speed up the provision of services.

In addition, Engineer Bakhtiari, CEO of Razi Insurance Company, also emphasized his support for We have had and still have a positive interaction with ENIAC Holding. Certainly, with the support of ENIAC Computer Holding can be as successful as ever and have a significant share in the insurance market; Of course, if it goes to insurance policies other than third party insurance with innovation. This innovation can be in encouraging customers to lead a healthy lifestyle, providing personalized insurance to the customer, micro-insurance to the customer and value-added services in addition to insurance. He also expressed satisfaction with the arrival of companies such as with this amount of investment.

In this Yalda meeting, Mohammad Ali Sarkhosh, CEO of ENIAC Computer Technicians Company; He spoke about the abilities of the youth present in the .com insurance complex and asked the Vice President for Science and Technology to support the youth as always.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the ceremony, a visit was made to the entire .com insurance collection. In this regard, all managers expressed their satisfaction with the existence of such collections and thanked the efforts of all activists of this collection.