The price of an egg comb was equivalent to a one-month subsidy!

Field studies have shown that the price of each egg comb in the guild units in the city is different, so that the units are priced from 43 to 49 thousand tomans per comb, which is the smell of speculation and profiteering of some people in the production chain to consumption. Gives.


Every year, the cold season is expensive for chickens and eggs

Some shopkeepers say that the prices of chicken and eggs always go up at this time of the year and with decreasing temperatures, but this year has been unprecedented.

Another said: “There are a number of brokers in the middle who are raising prices dramatically and earning a lot of profits, and people are forced to buy.” Because eggs are the minimum meal for every family in Tehran.

According to shopkeepers, there is no shortage in the market and they deliver as many eggs as they order. Each carton of eggs, including 6 combs, costs 70,000 tomans more for the shopkeeper than last week.

Sale of eggs at the approved price, provided that livestock inputs are provided

Naser Nabipour, spokesman for the Poultry Farmers’ Union, said in an interview with a reporter from the Industry, Trade and Agriculture Economic Group of the Young Journalists Club, noting that the high price of eggs in retail stores has nothing to do with poultry farmers. 12,000 Tomans for a poultry door is equivalent to 24,000 Tomans for a comb.

He added: “Support for livestock affairs, the support organization and the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture continue to insist on the distribution of eggs at the approved rate, and in return, they are supposed to provide 100% of livestock input to the poultry farmers at the approved rate.”

Nabipour announced the cost price of 15 thousand and 500 tomans per kilo of eggs and said: the officials of the market regulation headquarters have up to 14 thousand tomans, which will most likely be announced at the new approved rate tomorrow.

A spokesman for the National Union of Homeland Poultry Farmers said in response to the increase in egg prices: “Over the past few days, the distribution of livestock inputs has improved and the market is balanced.” Poultry farmers deliver each kilogram of eggs at the approved rate of 12,000 Tomans to the fruit and vegetable fields, and in the fields the price for the final consumer is about 14,500 Tomans.

He continued: “When the price of eggs decreases, shopkeepers do not apply this rate, because in the spring, when the price of each kilogram of eggs was 6,000 tomans, equivalent to 12,000 tomans per 2-kilogram comb, shopkeepers with the same rate.” They sold for 24,000 to 25,000 tomans, which is a sign of the shopkeepers’ profitability.

Nabipour criticized the high price of production inputs and said: the current price of methionine has increased from 21 to 22 thousand tomans to 700 to 800 thousand tomans, supplement to 30 thousand tomans, also the price of cartons and combs will increase momentarily.

The official continued: “The price of inputs that do not include quotas will increase the moment it affects the cost of production.”

According to the report, the non-supply of livestock inputs by the government at the approved price has become a problem for producers and ultimately the increase in food prices for consumers.

The government seems to be following the wrong policies to supply livestock inputs to producers because this issue has been raised in the country for months and has not only not been resolved but has also intensified.

However, it is better for governments to take serious action as soon as possible to supply livestock inputs at the approved rate or to allow producers to supply all inputs at a free rate.

The supply of part of the free livestock input and part of the approved part has caused the prices of eggs to increase in the market, and finally, it has become a game and profit, and we are witnessing this situation in the market.

The unfortunate part that has been expressed in cyberspace users’ comments about the unreasonable price of eggs is the alignment of the bubble rate of the egg shoulder with the amount of a person’s cash subsidy. A price that only applies to high-priced stores and only needs to be dealt with decisively.