The price of each egg comb in retail reached 40 thousand tomans

According to the Baaqtesad news website, based on field observations and reports received from some neighborhoods in Tehran, the price of an egg comb in retail stores is 40,000 Tomans, although in some shops this price is about 2,000 Tomans more or less.

Meanwhile, according to the approval of the Market Regulation Headquarters, the price of each 30-egg egg in a certified package with a cold chain must be a maximum of 31 thousand tomans.

In mid-December, the price of eggs reached more than 37 thousand tomans, and despite the warnings of producers to reduce egg production due to lack of required poultry inputs, low quality of inputs and continuous losses of producers, it seems that no action is taken yet. The relevant authorities have not provided the required input for poultry units and reduced the price of eggs.

Source: ISNA