The price of Mazafati dates was determined

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, Mohsen Rashid Farokhi, President of the National Date Association, referring to the favorable conditions for date production, said: “This year, date production was slightly higher than 1.2 million tons and we generally had a good year in product production.” .

The stability of date prices in wholesalers is not consistent with production costs

Noting that 70% of the dates produced are consumed domestically, he added: “Given the conditions of sanctions and the spread of the coronavirus, which has inevitably affected food exports, we hope 25 to 30% of the products will be exported to target markets and Now the association is trying to remove these obstacles.

Rashid Farokhi continued: “This year, the government has announced point-to-point inflation of about 35 to 40 percent, but nevertheless, the price of dates in wholesale is no different from last year.”

Criticizing the fact that the current price of dates in wholesalers is not reasonable, the president of the National Date Association said: “Despite the increase of 4 to 5 times the price of production inputs including pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural implements and machinery, but the price of dates in origin without It has changed.

The price of dates in shops has nothing to do with the producer

Referring to the reasons for the high price of dates in retail stores, he said: “Shopkeepers in the north of the city, by saying that rents are high and transportation costs are increasing, are taking profits of 35 to 40 percent to sell their products, which has nothing to do with source prices.”

Pointing out that it is not possible for exporters to compete in the target markets, the official said: “Due to the issue of money back and high cost of production, it is not possible to compete with Saudi traders, in terms of conversion industries due to working capital issues.” Taxes etc. There are problems.

Reacting to the increase in the area under cultivation of dates, he added: “The association does not have good experience in discussing the increase in the area under cultivation and believes that by increasing the price per unit area and preventing the sale of raw materials, the desired goals can be achieved.” It ranks seventh in date production, but ranks first in exports. We hope to reach this position with the support of the government in the discussion of conversion industries.

At the end, the head of the National Date Association announced the price of 18 to 20 thousand Tomans per kilo of Mazafati dates at the origin and said: “Despite the price stability compared to the previous year, the officials of the market regulation headquarters should think of measures to prevent dates from being offered at high prices in retail stores.” .