The price of Yalda night nuts is 120 to 170 thousand tomans per kilogram

Mustafa Ahmadi, pointing out that Corona Yalda and Nuts “One of the guilds that was hit hard during this period was us, and people have been careful about buying nuts,” he said.

He spoke about the high losses of the nuts class and at the same time considered the warm nature of nuts to increase the level of body immunity and stressed that all nut sellers follow health protocols.

Ahmadi also spoke about dealing with violators and added: “We advise people to follow the protocols and gather parties and not to visit.”

He did not consider this procedure as a reason for not buying nuts and specified: it seems that the class Nuts It is the only union that, after the oppressive sanctions, was one of the few unions that did not increase significantly compared to last year.

Ahmadi added: Last year The price of nuts Yalda night was announced for 110 thousand Tomans, but this year, according to the existing conditions, we considered the rate between 120 to 170 thousand Tomans.

Regarding this price range, the head of the Nuts and Dried Fruits Union said: “Nuts are sold for less than 120 and more than 170, and sometimes some customers want all the nuts, and the price certainly exceeds 170,000 Tomans.”

Ahmadi stated that items such as chickpeas are priced Yalda Night Nuts 90% of the nuts community use this price range.

He also considered the seeds as products that are sold between 37 and 40 and in retail up to 47 thousand Tomans and have not increased significantly in price compared to last year.

Ahmadi added: “People can use seeds instead of nuts on Yalda night, and we also demand that people not gather together on Yalda night and use cyberspace.”