The question from the Minister of Energy was postponed

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by IRNA, “Parviz Mohammadnejad Ghazi Mahalleh” in explaining the meeting of the Energy Commission on Tuesday, added: “Today’s meeting was scheduled to be held regarding water, electricity and other issues related to energy with a question from the Minister of Energy. “Reza Ardakanian” Q&A was postponed to another time.

The member of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said about the main points of emphasis in the review of the budget bill of 1400 members of the commission: در In the field of production, transfer and distribution, detailed discussions were held by the representatives and various proposals were submitted to the Joint Commission. Is.

He added: “After the approval of these proposals in the Energy Commission, the proposals were presented to the Joint Commission and the three representatives present in the Joint Commission also defended the plans and proposals of the Commission and received positive feedback from other representatives.”

Mohammadnejad emphasized that in the field of water and electricity, a special look should be given to the budget, stating: “One of the important infrastructures for change in various economic fields is electricity, and in this field, both representatives and members of the Joint Commission should be more careful.” .

The representative of the people of Langarud reminded: ‌ In the field of electricity, the concerns of domestic and private producers, consumers and craftsmen should be taken into consideration, and by reforming the budget, the problem of these institutions can be solved to a considerable extent.

He said: “The proposals of the representatives in the field of energy were mature and complete, and since the change in this sector is one of the requirements of the country, I think these proposals will be realized with a high percentage in the budget.”

Malik Shariati Niasar, representative of Tehran, Sara Fallahi, representative of Ilam, Parviz Avsati, representative of Qorveh and Dehgolan, Hossein Mirzaei, representative of Isfahan, Lotfollah Siahkoli, representative of Qazvin, Kamal Hosseinpour, representative of Piranshahr, Mahmoud Ahmadi Beighsh, representative of Shazand Mukhtar was the representative of Abadan and Shahriyar Heidari was the representative of Sarpol-e Zahab and Qasr Shirin from the Minister of Energy, which was postponed to another time.