The reaction of the Speaker of the Persian House of Representatives to the recent remarks of the President

According to Shaman News reporter from Shiraz, Ibrahim Azizi stated: Imam Hassan (AS) had a religious duty based on which they acted, not as the president stated in the cabinet meeting.

A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to the consequences of the president’s words outside the borders and the exploitation of the enemies of the regime and the counter-revolution, said: It is for negotiation and peace.

He added: “Unfortunately, the Americans have misused this kind of speech and literature of the president and have acknowledged that the situation in Iran has become such that the president is also looking for a way to negotiate.”

The representative of the people of Shiraz and Zarghan in the parliament pointed out: The fact that Trump also said that Iran will negotiate with him as soon as he votes, shows that we should be more careful in our spoken literature on the issues of the country, and this expectation Not a great president.

It is worth mentioning that the President’s remarks at last Wednesday’s meeting of the Cabinet on the dimensions of Imam Hassan’s (AS) peace have been met with widespread reactions in cyberspace and social networks.