The request of the families of the health martyrs from the people

Alireza Zali Commander Corona Headquarters In the metropolis of Tehran, he said: in Tehran, 46 and in other provinces, 200 martyrs Health Defender There is health and support staff.

He pointed out: a significant number of different colleagues in the health system in the last 10 months in the severe form of the disease coronavirus They became infected and experienced excruciating complications.

Referring to the demands of the families of the martyrs, Zali called on the people to pay more attention to health procedures and restrictions to break the virus transmission chain, because nothing can be more effective and effective in achieving this goal than the people’s empathy and solidarity.

The commander of the Corona headquarters in the Tehran metropolis called on the people to reduce the burden of disease and break the virus chain by observing health standards in order to prevent fatigue and exhaustion of the health care staff.