The research of Mobarakeh Steel is against the goals of job creation and production boom

The secretary general of the Steel Producers Association said that it would be against the goals of job creation and production prosperity for an economic and growing enterprise like Mobarakeh Steel, which is on the path of development, to disrupt a project such as research and development.

In an interview with Nabz Bazaar, Seyed Rasoul Khalifa Soltani, Secretary of the Iranian Steel Producers Association, criticized the research plan of Mobarakeh Steel and said: ‌ One of the important points in the activity and development of enterprises Economics is the prevention of marginalization, which can have a negative impact on the investment process and the activity of the firm. Sometimes these are marginalizations, ambiguities, and questions that can be resolved by reporting to that firm.

He added: MPs and especially the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, as a specialized commission to discuss and review this project, could request questions from Mobarakeh Steel Company, questions and ambiguities about the hot rolling project 2 and the participation of domestic and foreign producers in the implementation. They have to solve this project.

Khalifa Soltani, stating that it is natural that the plan to investigate the shareholders of the company, will face doubts and ambiguities about the future of the stock, said: ‌ MPs have different tools that can be used to resolve objections and ambiguities. They want to take advantage of it and to disrupt the growing economic enterprise that is moving in the direction of development will be against the goals of job creation and production prosperity.

He added: “With any research plan, from the pillars of a ministry to the officials of a company, they get involved in matters that in many cases are just a waste of time and cause the implementation of a development project to take time.”

The results of many research projects are not known to the public

The secretary of the Iranian Steel Producers Association, noting that the Ministry of Silence has many duties and responsibilities in the current situation in the country, said: ‌ The results of many research projects have not improved the conditions of that company or organization and enterprise. For example, in the case of research and investigation of the automotive industry, after a long period of time, a report was read in the open court of the parliament, which included general cases, and finally it was not clear to the people what this research and investigation plan has achieved for them.

Possibility of producing hot coil sheet by implementing hot rolling design of 2 Mobarakeh steels

Khalifa Soltani also said about Mobarakeh Steel 2 hot rolling project: “Currently, there are two million tons of surplus slabs in the country, which can be turned into hot coil sheet by constructing hot rolling number 2 of Mobarakeh Steel, and while meeting the needs of downstream industries, Higher value-added units will be marketed.

The secretary of the Iranian Steel Producers Association, noting that there is no proper balance between steel production and the rolling sector in Iran, said: The construction of hot rolling mill No. 2 Mobarakeh Steel is a serious necessity for the country’s steel industry and the possibility of using two million tons of slabs in excess Rolling capacity is also provided.