The results of the correct test were announced / The registration of the students’ protest will start from tomorrow

The person in charge of organizing the correct test mentioned that the high percentage of success of the trainees in the held test is the calculation of 65% of the score of the three components of cultural, practical teaching and written sections.

Kachueian, noting that about 15 percent of the apprentices failed to obtain a teacher qualification certificate, announced the maximum timeframe for holding the corrective compensation test in the next three months.

The official said that 718 trainees did not receive the required quorum in the practical teaching component and 1,178 other trainees failed to obtain the required quorum in the cultural component.

The Secretary of Farhangian University Supervisory Council, emphasizing on monitoring the professional competence of individuals to enter the education system, added: “Measuring the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individuals to enter the country’s education system is necessary and necessary.” He emphasized: All the rights related to the trainees were exercised during the holding of this test.

The university professor pointed out: in order to compensate the manpower required for education in accordance with the statute of Farhangian University, graduates interested in the profession of teacher from other universities in the country after passing the recruitment test, interview and selection by entering Farhangian University and Skills training can enter the profession.

Kachueian continued: “After completing the skills training courses and passing the correct exam, the trainees can achieve the honor of a teacher by receiving a certificate of professional competence.”

Regarding the time of announcing the results of the comprehensive exam, the person in charge of organizing the correct exam clarified: Skilled students participating in this exam can be informed of the test results by entering the target system at today, Saturday, December 20th.

A member of the board of directors of Farhangian University, regarding the possibility of some apprentices protesting against the announced results, said: Only those apprentices who have not obtained the quorum can start from tomorrow, December 20, at midnight on the first Monday of January. To register their protest by entering the target system for 2 days a month.

In the end, the head of the Vice Chancellor for Supervision, Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Farhangian University mentioned the responsibility of following up on this as one of the main duties of the trainee and emphasized: The assessment center of this university will not respond to out-of-time protests.

According to the public relations of Farhangian University, the official clarified: The announced results of the correct test are the criteria for the relevant officials to extend the contract and start the recruitment process and expedite and facilitate the issuance of sentences by the Ministry of Education. .

It is worth mentioning that the results of the students’ protest will be announced on the seventh Sunday of January of this year through the target system.