The salary of MPs is 10 to 12 million tomans

He added: “Today, we will review some of the Guardian Council’s referrals for next year’s budget bill, and after approval, approval, and if the council approves, we will not have a meeting in parliament tomorrow, otherwise we will have a meeting today or tomorrow afternoon.”

The representative of the people of Tabriz in the parliament continued: not all the representatives have received the housing deposit and the cost of the car, and those who needed this deposit have used it as needed. According to the recent events about cars, these devices have also been provided to the representatives as a safe. Today, the parliament is trying to secure the views of the Guardian Council on amending the presidential election law and reach next year’s elections.

Farhangi also said that today’s closed-door meeting was to summarize and evaluate the actions and performance of the 11th term of the parliament, in which the speaker and a number of deputies commented on issues such as employment, housing and budget structure. Preparations for future parliamentary issues were also discussed.

In the end, he said: “In the margins of the parliament, there was a point about the expenses of the deputies and the publication of their salaries, which is quite part of the report published in this regard; This is because MPs across the country sometimes deal with several offices in their constituencies, where parliamentary expenses are kept in a separate account like all executive bodies and have nothing to do with their salaries.