The second fund will be offered by the end of the year

According to Tejarat News, Farhad Dejpsand regarding the supply of Dara II Fund said: A committee has been formed with the aim of closely monitoring the conditions and requirements and will determine the exact time of supply of Dara II Fund and the Steel Fund. The remaining government shares will be offered in three banks by the end of this year.

He added: “We are seeking to expedite the transfer of ownership and management of state-owned companies in the list of transfer and remaining government shares in many companies to the private sector and the general public.” World experience has proven that the private sector is the driver of development.

The official continued: “The purpose of the transfers was to transfer the ownership and management of state-owned enterprises to the private sector, so that the role of this sector in the economy would be reduced, and the government would be directly present.”

Dejpsand said the government should focus on governance tasks, including policy-making, regulation and rail-building, rather than tenure. Because in this case, the efficiency of the economy increases with the centralization of the private sector in the economy and the limitation of the government’s function in policy-making and supervision.

Source: IRNA

He announced the news related to the stock market on the dedicated page of Bourse Trade News.