The share of the implementation of the 2030 document in the budget of 1400 is zero

According to reports EconomyOnline, The country’s program and budget organization, following a warning in the open court of the Islamic Consultative Assembly yesterday regarding the inclusion of a budget line for the implementation of the 2030 document in the 1400 budget bill; None of the executive programs and outputs under the Ministry of Education’s expenditure lines provide funding for the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 document.

The Program and Budget Organization in a report entitled “Economic, social and cultural foundations and the annual plan of the executive bodies of the budget of 1400 the whole country (Volume II)” which is a slice and reflection of the Sixth Development Plan, Sustainable Development and the 2030 document which is only at the time of drafting The details of the Sixth Development Plan in 2016 refer to the issue with the theme of “active participation in the implementation of global programs and commitments, especially the goals of sustainable development and education 2030.” In the annual plan, which is a part of the program law, the table in the first version of this issue is mentioned, but in the physical versions and the file that is placed on the website of the country’s program and budget organization, this issue has been corrected. Therefore, as mentioned in the single article and appendices of the budget bill, this issue is not mentioned and has no financial cost.

Undoubtedly, the orders of the Supreme Leader regarding the non-implementation of this document have been considered and acted upon by this organization and its experts.