The silence of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture regarding the chicken market

According to Tejarat News, despite the fact that the officials of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture announce the adequate production and distribution of chicken, the long queues and price jumps in the market show another issue, although the officials of the Ministries of Silence and Jihad for Agriculture each They know the culprits are long and market inflammation, but in the end they throw the ball to the poultry and consumer land.

Many officials believe that households’ worries about the future of the market and the increase in demand for home purchase and storage, as well as the deviation in the distribution of state-owned chicken, have led to higher prices and reaching 40,000 tomans in shops. , Chicken meat production exceeds the country’s needs.

Despite various promises from officials, Livestock Affairs Support and the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture to keep chickens calm at the end of the year, the market has become so inflamed that the price difference between state-owned and open-market chicken is about twice as high.

With demand peaking in the last few days of the year to buy household baskets, there are concerns that the price of chicken in the market will rise again, making it even more difficult for the poorer deciles of society to find supply. he does.

Now we go to the relevant officials to be informed of the latest reasons for the high price of chicken and the way to reach a calm market:

Poultry is not to blame for the high prices

Mohammad Ali Kamali Sarvestani, advisor to the Broiler Poultry Farmers’ Union, pointed out that poultry production is lower than the same period last year. “If we consider one of the criteria and indicators of the amount of input, the amount of imported input such as soybean meal and grains,” he said. Oil is less than the previous year, while it is a major component of the diet, which indicates that production is not the same as last year.

He added: “According to the decision of 130 million chickens in the last days of the year, we have asked the market regulation working group to increase the breeding period from 40 days to 45 days, however, the amount of mined meat is higher.”

Kamali Sarvestani continued: “Due to the increase in the allocation of grain and the age of the herd during the last three weeks, the produced chickens will enter the market from the end of the week. Despite supplying about 230,000 tons of meat in the market, we have no shortage in supply and this amount meets the country’s needs.” Is.

The official in charge of price elasticity considered one of the causes of inflammation in the market and said: with the increase in supply relative to demand, there is a possibility of price decrease in the market, so that if 100% of the country needs chicken, the supply should increase to 110%.

He pointed out that the poultry farmer is not to blame for the high prices in the market, he said: the poultry farmer owns the chickens to the farm and after the chicken buyers, wholesalers and retailers must be responsible for the shortage or high prices because the poultry farmer does not know that the chicken after leaving What will happen to the poultry unit?

The consultant of the Broiler Poultry Farmers’ Union continued: “Considering the significant distance between the approved price and the open market, it is possible that some people will buy government chicken and then offer it at a free price in the market, although there is no document in this regard.”

Referring to the long queues in Tehran squares to receive chicken, he said: Tehran province imports chicken from other provinces, so with increasing supply from other provinces, the market will reach equilibrium.

Incubation was cut in 125 million in February

Boroumand Chaharaein, the former CEO of the National Association of Broiler Poultry Farmers, pointed out that we do not have a problem in terms of chicken supply, and said: “According to the statistics, 125 million chickens were hatched in February, but we do not have a problem in terms of supply.”

He added: “Despite the fact that enough production has been done, but the behavior of consumers in the last days of the year to buy more than needed and stored in the freezer, as well as replacing chicken as the cheapest protein available to households has caused prices to rise sharply in the market.” .

Chaharaein continued: Due to the increase in the price of red meat, fish and mushrooms and the effect of replacing chicken as the cheapest protein available to households, it has led to price inflammation in the market.

This expert of the poultry industry, pointing out that the current price of chicken in the market is not acceptable, said: At present, the cost price per kilo of live chicken is 17 thousand and 500 Tomans, however, the supply at a rate above 26 thousand Tomans is an injustice Is a consumer.

According to him, despite the increase in input prices and other production costs, the officials of the market regulation headquarters still insist on the approved rates of the last 7 to 8 months, while the supply ends with unrealistic rates to the detriment of the producer.

“We do not have a problem with poultry production,” said the poultry industry expert. “Whenever the price of chicken in the market is doubled, there is corruption in the market.”

He considered the supply and demand mechanism as determining the price and said: with the decrease of supply, the price increases and with the increase of supply against the demand, the rate in the market decreases.

The former member of the board of directors of the National Association of Broiler Poultry Farmers continued: “Despite the numerous promises of the officials, the market has not been organized because the peace of the market depends on price correction and announcement of the real price.” The balance is reached.

The daily requirement of the country’s chicken is 6,500 tons

Habib Assadollah Nejad, vice president of the Association of Meat Poultry Farmers, said that there is no shortage of chicken supply: “It is the duty of producers to produce, raise and supply chicken to the market, because poultry farmers are the interface between mother chickens and slaughterhouses.”

He added: “According to the information system, 125 to 130 million chickens have been hatched, which unfortunately does not show the reality of the market.”

Assadollah Nejad continued: “According to 130 million chickens and the daily production of 7,300 to 7,500 tons of chicken in the country, we should not have a problem with supply.”

The official said that poultry farmers offer live chicken to slaughterhouses at the rate of 14,500 to 15,500 tomans based on cash and non-cash sales. “According to the price of live chicken, the price of hot chicken should not be higher than 21,” he said. 22 thousand tomans, while we see it is sold at a price above 30 thousand tomans, which shows a deviation in distribution.

He considered the lack of supervision as the main cause of inflammation in the price of chicken in the market and said: “Considering the fact that poultry farmers with production chains offer at the approved rate, therefore distribution problems and weak supervision have led to high prices of chicken in the market.” . For example, in Gilan province, 8 million and 400 thousand chickens are hatched per month, which according to the statistics of the Jihad Organization of the province, produces about 520 to 530 tons of chicken per day, while the maximum daily requirement of this province is 250 tons.

The vice president of the Broiler Poultry Farmers Association, noting that we have no problem in supplying chickens, said: “Considering the hatching, there should be no problem in the production and supply of the product. Unfortunately, the market reality shows that the officials of the Ministry of Silence are monitoring and monitoring.” And agricultural jihad has been minimized and eventually this issue has led to dissatisfaction of the people and producers.

Assadollah Nejad continued: “Although there is a supply of 2 tons of chicken at a free rate in the Tehran market, this shows that government chickens have entered the open market and are offered in the market at a price of 30,000 and 35,000 Tomans, while the machine Responsible to produce charges.

The official in charge of the country’s daily needs announced 6,500 tons and added: “Considering the daily supply of 7,300 to 7,500 tons of chicken, we should not have a deficit in the country’s needs.”

He concluded: “If the production figures are real, monitoring the responsible agencies is the only solution to supply chicken at the approved rate in the market, because in the current situation, despite the fact that poultry farmers in order to give people access to cheap prices with a break point They offer manufactured chicken, but unfortunately it reaches the consumer at unrealistic prices.

Source: Young Journalists Club