The ski slope in Qazvin was put into operation

According to the Borna news agency from Qazvin; The Kaman Qazvin ski slope complex was put into operation on Tuesday in a ceremony attended by Ali Asghar Monsan, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Qazvin Governor Hedayatullah Jamalipour, and Farrokhzad, Deputy Governor, in the form of a recreational, sports and tourism complex.

This complex includes three advanced, educational and special tracks for children, in which the installation of ski lifts is in the final stage, which will be operational by May.


Kaman ski slope with a length of 6 km is located 25 km from Qazvin and on the side of Qazvin-Alamut road and its standards have been approved by the country’s ski federation, which is capable of holding international ski competitions as well as international ski competitions. It also has alpine strings, large and small spirals, snowboards and resistance.

Large and small helical capacities, snowboard and resistance

Kaman ski slope is one of the recreational centers of Kaman and Barberry tourism in Qazvin and the possibility of training beginners and ski enthusiasts of all ages is provided.


Development of Eskimo houses in TeleCage destination station for the welfare of mountaineers, bungee jumping, zip line, big jump, open view platform, construction of a dark park at the destination station, cultivation of medicinal plants, including ongoing projects and investment of this complex Is.