The slight drop in the total index on the Green Day of Medicines / Kama went from the sales queue to the buying queue

According to Tejarat News, during today’s trading on the stock exchange, which was accompanied by a decline of 0.2 percent in the total index, the total homogeneous index recorded a growth of one percent. This was while the total OTC index also had a positive performance. This issue showed an increase in demand for smaller symbols compared to index symbols.

Today’s drop in the stock market was recorded while the value of trades was more than 10 thousand billion Tomans and the value of OTC trades was more than 5 thousand billion Tomans. The Kama symbol, which reopened this week after experiencing a negative trend, has seen an increase in demand over time and ended up in the buying queue. After the capital increase and reopening yesterday, Fakhuz was accompanied by an increase in good demand today and had the most positive impact on the overall stock index.

After the clearing of the funds, today the stock market performed better than yesterday and again gave investors hope for a green winter. During today’s trading, three groups of automobiles, base metals and banks recorded the highest value of trades in their names. It also seems that the total index is technically in a significant range, so that if the channel loses 1.4 million units may fall, and if it crosses the resistance level of 1.540 million, the upward trend may be faster. Have.

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