The Social Security Organization has a valuable record in 1999

The congratulatory message of the members of the board of directors of the Social Security Organization on the occasion of the year 1400 reads:

We are going through another year with its many ups and downs, and on the eve of the new year overlooking the end of the century, we are looking forward to the bright path of tomorrow.

The record of social security in 1399 with all its bright shadows – shows the efforts of a hard-working and faithful group to participate in a difficult test to prove the steadfastness of our steps to help achieve social justice and support the productive forces of society and our steps this year are consistent. Together, they found a new meaning and concept. The Social Security Administration has been able to play a key role in reducing the adverse effects of various economic crises, the labor market and society, as part of the system to play its shocking role in the face of the Covid 19 virus epidemic in the insurance sector and He paid for the treatment and, despite all the financial pressures from the Corona outbreak crisis, took valuable steps to mitigate the dimensions and consequences of the population crisis. During 1399, the organization took other valuable steps, including the implementation of Project 3070 and the absence of part of the services, jihadist movement and the organization’s initiative in operating the electronic version and deleting medical records, adjusting the salaries of retirees and pensioners after years, scholarship The shares of the Social Security Investment Company have taken part of the receivables of the organization from the government, etc., and in spite of all the difficulties and concerns that were imposed on the Social Security Organization, these days have become a lasting memory and a shining point in The record of the efforts of this organization will be remembered. Undoubtedly, this important thing could not have been achieved except with the sacrifice of the managers and employees of this organization and the sacrifice of valuable martyrs in the medical and insurance sectors, whose sacrifices and valuable services will undoubtedly be recorded in the historical memory of the Social Security Organization.

We take this opportunity to congratulate all the esteemed insured, dear pensioners, dear employers, as well as all the honest and hard-working managers and employees of the large family of social security in the insurance, medical and economic sectors, and a year full of We ask God Almighty for happiness, happiness and joy for them and their honorable family.

General Department of Public Relations of the Social Security Organization