The special place of school building in the three axes of social responsibility of the first mobile

According to Shaman News, Today, there is a lot of emphasis on the need for social enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility. The point is that organizations are morally responsible for gaining legitimacy from society and increasing competitiveness in financial markets, against all its stakeholders, including employees, consumers, the environment. Natural-human are responsible for their surroundings and of course the client.

What is certain is that social responsibility rests on a duty based on ethics, and it is this ethics that doubles the value of social capital. Social Responsibility is a global experience that has entered the management literature.

Social responsibility plays an essential role in sustainable development and the importance of social responsibility in organizations is that organizations, as human beings, have moral duties.

Given the importance and necessity of social responsibility, today many organizations, organs, institutions and public and private companies have taken steps in this direction, but the share of each role in this field is different.

Among the mobile phone operator companies in the country, measures have been taken in the field of social responsibility, so that even some of these companies have defined the promotion of CSR activities as one of their strategies and have been able in this field. Be a pioneer.

Since social responsibility and awareness of it is very important in all organizations and companies, Iran Mobile Communication Company (Hamrah Aval) is naturally in order to achieve its vision to create value for all its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, Community and staff.

Hamrah Aval Company has established various plans from the past to the present to fulfill its social obligations and responsibilities; The first companion in order to achieve its vision and also to achieve the strategic goals of its social responsibility; And according to the existing decision-making and evaluation processes, he has defined his social responsibility activities under three axes.

In order to carry out its social responsibility activities as purposefully and effectively as possible, the first companion, in addition to its strategic goals, also bases its survey results on its priorities.

In the meantime, due to the occurrence and occurrence of various crises such as floods, earthquakes or even the outbreak of the corona virus, the company has stood up to play the roles it has defined for itself, so that the company as a brand that has been able to charter social responsibility Slow implementation was praised.

According to the report, in the national conference “Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics with the approach of the role of professional manager in the development of the economy from the first partner as” one of the economic leaders of the country “and the brand that was able to implement the Charter of Social Responsibility, And the golden plate was praised.

Considering the importance of education and the special place of providing educational infrastructure in the development of countries, Hamrah-e-Awal considered this important as a social responsibility and in this regard, special measures were taken, which was headed by school construction.

According to this report, due to the widespread destruction of schools in the earthquake-stricken areas in 1997, Hamrah Aval Company in line with its social responsibility and in cooperation with the General Directorate of School Renovation of Kermanshah province to build and renovate schools in the cities and villages of Thalas Baba Jani, Ravansar, Sarpol-e Zahab and Gilan-e-Gharb took action.

In Baba Jani, he succeeded in constructing a 6-grade school in the village of Ziarat Tamar Khan, 298 meters in size, a 6-grade school in Noorabad village, 298 meters in length, a 2-grade school in Dasht-e-Lil village, 78 meters in length, In Ravansar, a 6-grade school in Gheshlagh village, 298 square meters, and a 2-grade primary school in Kandleh village, 87 meters, were built; In Sarpol-e Zahab, he succeeded in constructing a 6-grade school for Ali Ibn Abi Talib, with an area of ​​298 meters, and in Gilan-e-Gharb, he succeeded in constructing a 2-grade primary school in the village of Shishe Rah, 78 meters in size.

It is worth mentioning that Hamrah Aval Company, as the first and largest mobile phone operator in the country and the most popular Iranian company, has taken very valuable measures in the direction of social responsibility in recent years and has always been a pioneer in this field; In general, the first mobile social responsibility activities are defined in the three axes of support and sponsorship, humanitarian activities and the environment.

In the field of sponsorship and sponsorship, the first sponsor of scientific conferences and events and information technology, competitions of the National Elite Foundation to support the competition AI-BOT), the 11th IKT International Conference focusing on the latest developments in the field of information technology, the 26th conference between The International Computer, Sticker of the Year Award and a clean cyberspace developer population.

He was also the first supporter of the country’s first sport and sports federations, including the Wrestling Federation, the Omid National Football Team, the Boxing Federation, the Badminton Federation, the Veterans and Disabled Federation, and the Squash Federation.

In the field of support for delegations, religious ceremonies and patriarchs of Ahl al-Bayt, the first operator was again a pioneer, so that it provided special and special support for these religious ceremonies by broadcasting the mourning ceremonies of the delegations during Muharram and Safar in Rubika. In this regard, the Islamic Propaganda Art Organization, the Dabal Khazaei Cultural Foundation, the National Congress of the 6,000 Martyrs of Qom Province, and the support of the Kiasar Martyrs’ Memorial paid special support.

Iran Mobile Communications Company (Hamrah Aval) in the field of humanitarian activities also measures such as equipping 100 housing units Mehr clients, helping the needy and deprived through the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, taking care of nutrition, health, education of children and Welfare affairs of deprived and flooded areas along with jihadi groups and preparation of more than one million hot meals and five hundred thousand health packs to help the deprived in Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman and Ilam provinces during the days of Tasua and Ashura Hosseini. He claimed that the first companion is a forerunner in humanitarian and accompanying measures for the deprived.

Free donation of more than 16 million free masks to deprived areas, provision of 300 air conditioners for donation to flooded areas, donation of 50 gas heaters to deprived areas with the help of charities, helping to provide living expenses for the needy and oppressed Providing stationery and health packs for the beginning of the new school year, providing dowry allowance for poor couples in cooperation with charities, supporting the flooded areas of Khuzestan and Mahshahr provinces and helping to improve the welfare facilities of the elderly of Kahrizak Charity. The actions of this operator have been in the field of social responsibilities.

Other measures taken by Hamrah-e-Awal in the direction of social responsibility include partnering with the Hajj Organization in preparing food for Corona patients, helping to create employment and prosperity for businesses affected by Corona, and preparing and distributing living packages for the deprived sections of society.

The country’s first mobile phone operator took special measures at the same time as the outbreak of the virus in the country and within the framework of its social responsibilities.

According to this report, at the same time with the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country and the requirement of the country’s education system to stay at home and use communication tools for distance education, the first companion in line with his social responsibility and appreciation and support of valuable teachers. He made a commitment and effort to provide the internet gift package to this group.

Also, on the occasion of Reporter’s Day, Iran Mobile Telecommunication Company, in honor of the journalists who played a special role in informing the people during the Corona days, presented a one-year special internet package with a volume of 200 GB.

With the launch of the National Coronation Management Plan to fight coronary heart disease, the first operator in the field of social responsibility made free the call of 60,000 health and welfare caregivers of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education throughout the country for education, prevention and care of Iranian families.

It is worth mentioning that in times of crisis, one of the first priorities to compensate for the lack of medical facilities and help the Ministry of Health was to build a field and mobile hospital to serve patients faster, in this regard, the first operator announced that in order to fulfill its social responsibility by allocating 30 billion rials Participates in the construction, equipment and operation of a mobile hospital. This mobile hospital is used to provide services in crises and natural disasters.

The operator was also able to distribute more than 16 million free masks in deprived areas of the country for free in order to create a culture and prevent the transmission of the Corona virus.

But with the spread of the corona virus and the danger of its spread, it was one of the first decisions of the authorities to close schools and universities. To this end, universities and higher education institutions decided to provide virtual education to students after the closure of their centers. In this regard, Iran Mobile Communications Company in the direction of social responsibility and maintaining the health of students announced in a news: Hamrah Aval as a leading operator in providing new services, tariffs for access to virtual education systems of all universities and higher education institutions under the Ministry of Science, Research and Reduced technology to one-third.

Also, with the continuation of the Covid 19 epidemic, the Ministry of Education was forced to close the country’s schools and educational centers. In the meantime, the vacancy of distance education was very much felt, and finally, with the launch of Shad Network (Student Education Network), this gap between teacher and student was filled. In line with his social responsibility, Hamrah-e-Aval played a significant role in learning virtual education in the country by designing and implementing the platform of the student education network (Shad) and helped to hold student classes in absentia.

It is worth mentioning that Hamrah-e-Awal, as a companion of different segments of the people during the Corona, took measures such as launching a free happy system with the participation of education, launching a virtual parliament system, halving the traffic tariff of university virtual education systems, and freeing 60,000 calls. Behvarz, providing a 20 GB internet package to teachers, contributing 30 billion Rials in the construction of a hospital, a 200 GB gift package to journalists, launching a pilot “online court” service for the judiciary, providing a free SIM card to heads of households without a SIM card in their name, Telecommuting the staff of the Ministry of Interior with the safe solution of Hamrah Aval, helping to create employment and prosperity of businesses affected by the corona, cooperating with the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization to prepare and distribute food to people with corona, allocating part of the salaries of volunteer employees to help He helped the needy during the days of quarantine and disinfection of public streets with the help of the first mobile mobilization.

Also, Hamrah Aval Company is one of the leading companies in social responsibilities and has carried out humanitarian actions and tasks in order to protect the environment.

Environment is also one of the categories that Hamrah-e-Awal has always paid special attention to, and in this regard, it has provided financial support to the National Botanical Garden of Iran and has signed a memorandum of cooperation for planting, preserving and maintaining plant species. Financing the purchase of water desalination equipment to solve the problem of drinking water supply in Abadan city has been another first step in line with the company’s social responsibilities.

One of the new habitats built in the National Botanical Garden of Iran is the beautiful garden, the executive operation and planting of plants in this complex began in the winter of 1998.

It is noteworthy that in this complex, with the support and support of Hamrah Aval Company, 4500 square meters of lawn has been planted and 60,000 tulip bulbs with different colors were planted in the gardens built with an area of ​​1100 square meters in February of last year.

Report: Masoumeh Aflaki