The spectators return to the stadium in 1400?

One of the most prominent issues in 1399 was the absence of spectators in stadiums due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. Football without spectators is no longer as attractive as it used to be, and now the officials of the league organization have been trying to get the necessary permits for spectators to enter in accordance with health protocols. Now football officials hope that this will happen in 1400.

“This is up to the Ministry of Health and they have to issue a permit, but we all want everything to go back and we can get rid of it,” Soheil Mehdi, head of the league’s competition committee, told our correspondent about the possibility of spectators entering the stadiums. “Let the corona virus make our lives as comfortable as ever.”

He continued: “The reality is that football is the biggest advantage of its fans and spectators. It is never interesting for us to see the games without spectators and to see the stadiums more empty than ever. “Football fans are increasing the power of Iranian teams, but there are problems for spectators to enter.”

In another part of his speech, Soheil Mehdi stated: “Finally, we hope that conditions will be created for football fans to return to the stadiums. I hope that first of all we will join hands in 1400 and get rid of the Corona virus. On the other hand, I hope we can open the way for the spectators to return to the stadiums. “However, the main decision-maker in this regard is the Ministry of Health and the National Corona Headquarters.”