The standardization of the dynamic password SMS model was implemented in the Cooperative Development Bank

In order to coordinate with the banking network and to increase the security of customers’ bank accounts in dynamic password-based transactions, the second password SMS sent by the Cooperative Development Bank from Tuesday, January 30, in accordance with the standard pattern, according to IBNA, quoting the public relations of the Cooperative Development Bank. Contains complete transaction information including transaction type, transaction amount and recipient.

Based on these changes, the sent password is valid only for a specified period of time and only for the transaction requested by the customer. .
It is worth mentioning that in order to provide better services and complete the service portfolio for customers, the Cooperative Development Bank has provided the possibility of receiving dynamic passwords from other portals, including the Mobile Cooperative Development Bank, as well as those customers who can use phone-based solutions. They do not have a smart phone, they can receive the second dynamic password via SMS.
It should be noted that currently, it is possible to receive a dynamic password in all online payment gateways for all customers of the Cooperative Development Bank via SMS.