The steel industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country / Parliament supports steelmakers

Allah Verdi Dehghani, a member of the Industries and Mines Committee of the 11th Majlis, in an interview with a reporter of the news and analytical website Shamaniuz, said about the need to support the country’s steel industry: And the other half is exported abroad; Therefore, in the conditions of sanctions and economic war, the country’s steel industries should be given maximum support so that they have both a currency for the country and we can neutralize the effects of sanctions.

He added: “The country’s steel industry is engaged in an important part of the workforce, and for this reason, if the steel industry is not supported, it is likely that the employment sector will also suffer.”

A member of the Industries and Mines Commission of the 11th Majlis said: The 11th Majlis takes the hands of the country’s steelmakers and supports them so that both our people benefit from this industry and the problems facing the country’s steel industries are resolved to help the growth of this industry. .

Dehghani pointed out: “People and people’s representatives expect steelmakers to be fair in the type of pricing of their products and sell their product prices for the domestic market a few percent lower than the global market and sell their products in any steel chain in the market.” Supply domestically to meet the needs of the domestic market and export their surplus products.

He said: “Parliament is ready to have all kinds of support to support steelmakers so that steelmakers stop exporting crude steel and instead turn steel ingots into final products such as rebar, and they will definitely have more value for the country.”