The story of lasting monuments – Ibna

According to IBNA, Anbar Naft branch was one of the eight branches visited by the CEO of Tejarat Bank on this day. When the vacant seat arrived, the branch deputy was clearly visible. The head of the branch said: “This is the desk of Mr. Rahbari, the deputy head of the branch, who unfortunately has not been coming to work for a few days due to coronary heart disease.” Dolatabadi fully remembered the unassuming and determined face of the deputy leader of the oil depot branch. Wishing good health to this loyal colleague, giving strength of heart and thanking the staff for their efforts, he left the branch. It had not been a few days since this visit that we learned that in the first days of May, the high spirit of Gholamreza Rahbari, this moral colleague, has been dragged from the cage of the world to heaven forever …

We are at Gholamreza Rahbari’s house on the 7th of December. In one of the intimate houses of Sardar Jangal neighborhood, the family of our dear colleague and martyr welcomed us warmly. Reza Dolatabadi, CEO of Tejarat Bank, came with Turki Tabrizi, a member of the Board of Directors, Ilka, Deputy CEO, and Ahmadi Azar, Head of the Public Relations Department, to console the noble family and alleviate their tiredness and suffering.

The CEO of Tejarat Bank never imagined that instead of meeting Gholamreza Rahbari again, he would now be sitting in front of 14-year-old Motahara, one of the two daughters of the deceased. Seeing his colleagues, Motahara swallows the hatred he has become accustomed to in the past eight months and listens to the CEO for a few minutes with his mother and uncles.

Dolatabadi says: “There is no doubt that the bank staff has suffered the most from the corona outbreak after the medical staff, and many colleagues in the banking network family have lost their lives due to this virus.” Indeed, serving the people is a great virtue, and blessed are those who sacrificed their lives in this virtuous way and are called martyrs on the way of service.

The CEO of Tejarat Bank continues by enumerating the salient features of this late colleague: The valuable role of the late Supreme Leader in the success of the various branches in which he was present during his 20 years of honest service in Tejarat Bank is one of the things that can be mentioned. Had. Our presence in the family of this dear colleague is the least that can be done, and indeed, the lasting effect that these loved ones left in the way of serving will always be remembered.

Dolatabadi commemorates the memory of the deceased colleagues of the banking system due to the outbreak of the corona: Over 10 employees of Tejarat Bank have lost their lives after the corona epidemic, which with the approval of the bank’s board of directors for this category From colleagues, we have considered the promotion of a job rank.

In the end, the CEO of Tejarat Bank, while wishing good luck to the deceased colleague, presented a plaque of thanks and gifts to the family of this dear friend in the past.

Dear Motahara, in honor of the father of his colleagues, escorts him to the exit door. During this time, he has realized well that no treasure in this world is more enjoyable than a moment of his father’s kind embrace …