The story of Shahab’s divorce from his wife; Parichehr Ghanbari + Photo

Shahab Hoseini Tonekaboni was born in 1973 in Tehran. Shahab Hosseini is the first child of his family and Shahab Hosseini has a brother and two sisters. Shahab Hosseini’s university education was in the field of psychology at the University of Tehran, which he left unfinished with the intention of immigrating to Canada.

The story of divorce

The news of Shahab’s divorce from Parichehr Ghanbari has been circulating in cyberspace since yesterday. But what is the story of the divorce of our country’s famous actor Shahab Hosseini from his wife? According to the available information, this news has no credible evidence and is based on lies. Shahab Hosseini had followed his wife on his Instagram page, but recently followed her. Also, there is no picture of Shahab Hosseini’s wife on the personal page of this famous actor. Therefore, the audience interested in Shahab Hosseini raised the possibility of the separation of this prominent actor of the country’s cinema from his wife. Shahab Hosseini was taken to a hospital in Tehran yesterday due to shortness of breath, and some media outlets reported that he had suffered a heart attack, which caused suffering for Shahab Hosseini’s family and Shahab Hosseini’s wife.

Shahab Hosseini, a popular and unobtrusive actor in our country, was taken to the hospital due to work pressure and shortness of breath. The wrong news of his heart attack caused resentment among Shahab Hosseini’s family and wife. The news of this actor’s divorce is nothing more than a rumor. Shahab Hosseini had previously only followed his wife on Instagram, who has been following him for some time, and there is no picture of each other on either of their pages!

A few days ago, a strange rumor about Shahab Hosseinidar appeared in cyberspace, which is basically false and by no means true, but what was the source of this strange rumor? Shahab Hosseini had previously only followed his wife on Instagram, who has been following him for some time, and there is no picture of each other on either of their pages! Shahab Hosseini’s activity in cyberspace had caused this rumor.

Shahab Hosseini confesses about living with his wife Parichehr

Cinema superstar Shahab Hosseini says that my wife has never experienced satisfaction in living with me! Actors are sometimes several months away from their families due to their stressful and time-consuming jobs and the contracts they have to perform in directorial locations in different cities and locations.

Shahab Hosseini, a well-known actor in Iranian cinema, experienced directing with “Middle Class Resident” last year, and this year he has been involved in producing several videos. In a detailed interview with Karim Nikonzar in the monthly “24”, Shahab Hosseini talked about both his recent experiences and the troubles that have overshadowed his family life due to his constant cinematic activity.

Shahab Hosseini, referring to the conflicts of the actor who deprived him of the joy of family life, says: My children do not have many common memories with me, they have always been deprived of me. My wife has never experienced life satisfaction with me. I lost my father while in recent years I could not see him as I should. This is the fault of cinema. It’s really the cinema’s fault, but what did I get in return?

Seyed Shahabuddin Hosseini Tonekaboni was born in 1973 in Tehran. Shahab Hosseini is the first child of his family and Shahab Hosseini has a brother and two sisters. Shahab Hosseini’s university education was in psychology at the University of Tehran, which he left unfinished with the intention of immigrating to Canada.

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Photo of Shahab Hosseini’s father

I was born in September 1328. Shahab is my first child and Mehdi is my second child. Shahab is an actor and Mehdi is also interested in music. Apart from Shahab and Mehdi, I also have two daughters. The summary of my life is that when I graduated, I went to pilot school to continue my studies, but because two of my brothers were there before the political revolution, I was fired.

After that I went to English language and literature and my destiny was to become a secretary. I was an education worker for 30 years. Of course, I also had other activities; Like business activities.

In addition to these activities that I mentioned, I also wrote poetry and wrote stories. I even remember writing a few screenplays, but most importantly, the translations I did at the time. I translated two or three works by Jules Verne; Like “Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea” and “Around the World in Eighty Days” and after that, together with Mr. Seifi Qomi, we started translating the book “A Look at Iran”. This book was published by Engineer Houshang Seyhoun abroad, and his descriptions (drawings and sketches) are on trips to villages around Tehran, cities, historical sites, and so on.

Founded by Shahab Hosseini and his brother

Hosseini along with some of his friends and also his brother Seyed Mehdi Hosseini, formed the band Haft. So far, four collections of songs from this group have been released, in which Shahab Hosseini has spoken in albums one and two and has sung in albums three and four.


The story of Shahab Hosseini and his wife

I was 22 years old working with theater children at the University of Tehran; A bewildered youth from the middle class who did not have access to rich entertainment facilities. I did not intend to get married until I saw my wife, until our times came together. I offered to meet her, but my wife did not believe in such friendships and acquaintances and said: If someone is really in love and has a heartfelt desire to reach the girl he loves, he should take an honest step in this way and therefore discuss the matter with the family. I got involved and decided to get married. I had found the second part of my life. After the initial conversations and the customs that go through this process, after 3-4 months of engagement, we got married, but I did not have the conditions to hold a wedding celebration. On the other hand, I wanted to start independence in life by holding a celebration by myself. ; That’s why it took us 3 years to get to the wedding.

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We started from zero

I was Seyyed Shahabuddin Hosseini at that time. only this. In short, we started from scratch and together. Of course, both of our parents tried to hold our hands. But we were set to stand on our own two feet, and fortunately that happened. In short, I, 22-year-old Seyyed Shahabuddin, and 15-year-old Parichehr, started our life together with all its shortcomings, and to this day, despite all the difficulties and ups and downs, we have been together all along.

Children of Shahab Hosseini

Shahab Hosseini and Parichehr Hosseini have two sons named “Mohammad Amin” and “Amir Ali”.

His first son is Mohammad Amin, who was born on the birthday of Shahab Hosseini on February 5, 2003. Mohammad Amin loves “My Idol” and “My Spider”. Mohammad Amin has been the most beautiful gift of God to me and my life.

Amir Ali Hosseini, the second son of Shahab Hosseini, who turned one year old on August 11th

Shahab Hosseini Cafe

Shahab Hosseini and his wife have a cafe in Lavasan. This cafe is managed by Parichehr Hosseini, Shahab Hosseini’s wife. The art cafe has an interesting interior design and decoration. You can not say it looks like a house, you can not just look at it in the form of a cafe because it is a mixture of both! From the outside, the cafe is in the shape of a small forest hut. Of course, if you look around a little carefully, you will notice another part outside the hut, which is made of several chairs and 2 large aquariums with beautiful fish, which is a simple but friendly atmosphere. It has shaped what it has and looks more like the location of a movie.

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Shahab Hosseini and his wife cafe in Lavasan

When I ask him what his intention was to set up this cafe, he replies: There were many different reasons. One was that I did not want to be economically dependent only on cinema. Another goal of mine is to create this cafe according to the same French proverb which says: big ideas are always formed from behind the small tables of cafes. My goal was to form good and creative artistic ideas here. But apparently, another reason that Shahab started this small cafe was that he had a base to meet his friends and lovers so that he could talk to them whenever he had the opportunity. Reza Sadeghi was the guest of Art Cafe this Ramadan iftar.

Perhaps it is not bad for you to know that this lovely cafe has hosted Master Jamshid Mashayekhi and Reza Sadeghi on their birthdays in order to give more credibility to their identity.

I see myself as the meteor rises

To see your spouse go through all the ups and downs with speed and acceleration, and you are on the sidelines, that is, despite the fact that you were and are his wife and perhaps the closest person in life, he, just like others who witness his growth from the outside, must Behind the scenes of watching him climb, it seems difficult in appearance. But this is only one part of the story, something that may be visible and imaginable from the outside. But another part of the story is the image that Shahab and I have of our life together. Many even asked me many times with their eyes how you sat so that the meteor would stand stronger day by day. But the truth is something else for me. As the meteor rises, I see myself growing.


The world of Shahab Hosseini acting

He began his career with student theater and then radio, then appeared on a television program called “Oxygen.”


Shahab Hosseini’s first performance on TV

In several other programs, such as Stand Up, Morning Color, Light Shadow, etc., he was present as a presenter, and entered the field of acting with the series Family after the rain. In the following years, he worked both as an actor and as a performer. He was considered for his role in the films Fifth Reaction and Candle in the Wind and Mahya. In 2007, he won the Diploma of Honor for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Fajr International Film Festival, and in 2008 at the same festival. For the movie Superstar Simorgh Blorin received the Best Actor in a Leading Role. He was also selected as the actor of the 14th Great Iranian Cinema Festival for his films Wandering in May, directed by Bahram Tavakoli, and about Eli, directed by Asghar Farhadi.