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Mohsen Islamzadeh Documentary Director «آلوسان“Which in the fourteenth festival”Cinema RealityIn an interview with Mehr reporter, he said: آلوسان Name of the area on the border Cedar Is. The story is that the NAJA was supposed to make several documentaries about the police force, and I was offered to make one of these documentaries. Given that I had previously worked on the borders, especially the Sistan and Baluchestan border, in the negotiations we had with each other, I suggested that I make a documentary in the border areas. At the same time, I said that I would like to experience snow and sea, because I had already experienced mountains and deserts in Sistan and Baluchestan. In the same way, we chose two points, one of which was in the province of West Azerbaijan. Was to the heights دالامپر Let’s go to that point بکر That’s why I asked to go to the heights in difficult conditions. I also wanted this to happen in winter so that I could understand winter there.

He added: “After a while, we realized the heights.” دالامپر There is no communication and most of the year it is under snow, which means we had to go by helicopter, while the previous year was also due to Wind A helicopter had crashed, so we gave up. After this issue was resolved, our research team in West Azerbaijan went to a point that could meet our goal. On the other hand, we went to the corona, but I asked that we make the trip despite the health protocols. Because I remember it Era They did not allow anyone to move. This request was because if Snow It was over, we could no longer work, and we had to postpone making the film until next year, which’s God Sugar The savior of art helped and we went to the area.

The director of “Only Among the Taliban” stated: آلوسان The name of a checkpoint at the border Cedar Is; It borders Turkey and has very special conditions. The checkpoint does not have the right road and a few months from Year The connection is completely cut off so that food is brought to the people inside the checkpoint and stored there and for the use of water, Snow They make water. For this reason in the construction of «آلوسانMy whole effort was to gain a brief experience and present it to the audience. Of course, I have to say that the people of that checkpoint are not inside the checkpoint all the time, and they are completely busy, ambushing and و.

He continued: “When we were there, they informed us that a convoy of narcotics was being moved in bad weather. Similarly, our team and the police Dispatch This was while they were saying that your presence is forbidden and you should not come. But we went to the scene ourselves. For this we had to walk for hours in the snow and storm, but our presence was unsuccessful. Although we walked for five or six hours in the mountains among the snow, we finally came back. Once they reached the checkpoint, they went back to those mountains. This showed that these forces spend day and night in these mountains.

“I remember the commander,” said the director of “Life Between the Flags of War.” police station Although he was born in 1971, both of his knees were damaged due to these patrols in the mountains, and both of them had to have prostheses. I must say that some of the guys from our team did not come for one of the patrols, and I asked Saeed Faraji and Meysam Saboohi, who are both directors and have worked in about 15 countries, to join us, and at this crucial moment, their experience came to our aid. They said that although Mohsen is not coming for a tour, we are leaving because it is an experience that will not be gained again.

“They went to that mountainous area, but unfortunately it was snowing,” the director said Buran And they ate the darkness of the night while Electricity “The area was cut off, in fact, the main narrative and the turning point of the story.”آلوسان“It’s that these two people were stuck in the mountains at night. At that time I was at the checkpoint and I recorded all the conversations they had over the wireless. That’s how we found out that our children were slow on the way back because there was a chase.” It had happened. Due to the fact that they had gone on foot when they wanted to return, they had lowered themselves in the terrible uphills there and in the midst of a severe blizzard, the air was dark and the electricity was cut off, but after 6.7 hours, according to the commander’s experience. police station That itself سراکیپ It was a patrol, the children miraculously returned to the checkpoint.

Islamzadeh explained: The moment of arrival of these two people is the golden moment of my film that I recorded this moment with three cameras. Children It was frozen but God Sugar Were saved; In fact, it is a small experience of people who have spent their lives in that checkpoint and in that area. In that area, our cameras failed due to the extreme cold because of the heavy snow, which damaged the camera, but my advice to the kids was not to turn off the camera at all, even if it was completely. Snow It was spilling on the lens but I told them not to turn it off even to clean the lenses, I even accepted that My camera It may be broken, but I tried to get the camera to engage the audience very fluently, of course.آلوسانIt also has its shortcomings, because we were in the military zone anyway, and it was difficult to communicate with the military, and we had time constraints.

He referred to the problems that occurred while attending the checkpoint آلوسان He said: “I had kidney failure there due to the cold weather, while we had narrowed down the place of the military forces, and all these were reasons why we preferred not to stay there much, and maybe the film is flawed in this regard, but there was no way out.” That’s why I tried to focus on Meysam Saboohi and Saeed Of course, the filmmaker is always looking for a dramatic point that can develop drama. We usually try to make a portrait of one of the characters in the area in these situations, but there we saw that the children guard towards us. Some It was closed, we tried to get close to their commander, but they would not let us, so when the children had this Caught We turned the subject of the film and put a dramatic point on the confrontation between Meysam Sabouhi and Saeed Faraji.

In the end, Islamzadeh said: This is a 39-minute documentary Pre-production Two Month Had and Production It was done in 8 days, but the editing, which was the hard part, took us about four or five months.