The supply and demand dispute in the stock market / indices turned red

According to Eghtesadnews, the total index of Tehran Stock Exchange at the beginning of capital market transactions fell by 5800 units to a height of one million and 431 units. The total weighted index also turned red and recorded 467,313 units with a fall of 1800 units.

The most influential symbols on the stock market index

Steel, car, light and family are the most influential symbols on the index red.

Status of symbols at the beginning of trading

In the car group, the car is being traded at a price of 332 Tomans. Khosapa was at a price of 240 Tomans with a relative drop in demand. Khostar is traded in the zero range.

In the group of petroleum products, the symbol of Shebandar is associated with a growth of 1%. Camels have a growth of 1% and are traded at the price of 1176 Tomans. Shepna recorded a 2% growth in the price of 1413 Tomans.

In the group of basic metals, the steel symbol has a 1% decrease in the price of 1348 Tomans. Family is in the positive range and is traded at a price of 1515 Tomans. Folage is in the focus of shareholders’ attention and we are witnessing the formation of a buy queue on this symbol. Melting is followed at the price of 517 Tomans.

In the group of banks, Venin is experiencing a 1% decrease in the price of 557 Tomans, and Vapars is in the price of 389 Tomans with a decrease of 2%. The nation is down 2%.

Contrary to the trading trend, the market is witnessing an increase in supply in most symbols. Shasta symbol is followed at a price of 2401 Tomans with a drop of 2%.