The supply of magentas on the stock exchange now depends on the Stock Exchange Admission Council and the High Transfer Board.

According to Baaqtesad news website, Masoud Soltanifar, on the sidelines of the unveiling of the statue of the Iranian sports champion, told reporters about holding sports leagues: “Despite the restrictions, activities have been canceled everywhere, but we have held the leagues in accordance with health protocols.” We do and we hope to be fully prepared for the Olympics.

Regarding the privatization of the magpies, he added: “For the privatization, we needed a series of different programs and documents, ownership documents, financial reports and audits that had to be done.” We are now pursuing to do this after 40 years. From now on, this issue depends on the Exchange Admission Council and the High Transfer Board.

Regarding the problem of the Deaf Hall, Soltanifar said: “This issue is also one of the different stages of development, and if we can allocate a figure in the allocations this year, we will do it, and if this does not happen, we will act for the first months of next year.”

Source: Senate