The tax base should increase next year

Behzad Khosravi Adinehvand said: “Taxation is one of the issues that the government has not dealt with properly.”

He continued: in the year 99, a figure of about 195 thousand billion Tomans was considered as tax revenues in the budget, and this figure has reached a figure of about 247 thousand billion Tomans in the 1400 budget.
“When we look at the structure, there is no change in the tax base, and this lack of new tax base leads to an inequality in the discussion of social and economic justice,” he said.

Khosravi Adinehvand added: “Tax revenues are still the responsibility of tax bases, including employees and producers, and the problem is not to increase tax bases, and we expect the parliament to enter this important issue and increase tax bases.”

He said: “Of course, there is no concern about the government gaining 247,000 billion tomans, because with the increase in inflation that we had, as well as the increase in the price of goods and the increase in prices, it has caused the same amount of added value and taxes on these revenues.” Closed has increased by the same amount of 20 to 25 percent.

The economist continued: The increase in tax revenues from 195 thousand billion tomans to 247 thousand billion tomans is mostly due to the increase in inflation, which the government is optimistic about, and it can and will be achieved in my opinion. .

He pointed out: The debatable point in next year’s budget is that out of 841 thousand billion tomans of government public resources, a figure is about 247 thousand billion tomans from taxes, and if we can increase the tax base, the government’s revenue figure will also increase.

The budget deficit is the result of an optimistic forecast of oil revenues in the 1400 budget

The economist said that the growth of the government’s oil revenue in next year’s budget is 3.7 times that of 99 and is very optimistic and will cause a deficit in the government’s budget in 1400.

Behzad Khosravi Adinehvand about the government’s oil revenue in the 1400 budget, added: The 1400 budget includes three sections: oil, securities and taxes.

He said that in the budget of 1400, dependence on oil was to be less than in 1399, he said: In 99, we had a very optimistic forecast for the sale of oil, which will not come true.

The economist said that unfortunately, sanctions were imposed in 1400, adding: “Dependence on oil in the budget is more than in 1999, so that next year, 199 thousand billion tomans in the sale of oil and oil condensate in the form of 2 million barrels of oil and oil condensate, Was considered.

Khosravi continued: the sale of oil in the budget is considered as both domestic and foreign sales, and considering that the sanctions will remain in the budget, the income from the sale of oil will not be realized.

“Even in the most optimistic scenario, if the sanctions are lifted, oil revenues in the 1400 budget will definitely not be achieved next year,” he said.

He added: “Parliament should be more sensitive to this issue and consider the most pessimistic situation for oil revenues.”

Khosravi Adinehvand said: “Experts believe that even if negotiations take place, at least until mid-1400, nothing special will happen in the discussion of sanctions.”