The time of holding the extraordinary general assembly of Sina Bank was announced

According to Ibna; The announcement of the invitation to the extraordinary general assembly of Sina Bank with the symbol of Vesina was published today in the comprehensive information system of publishers (Kadal).

Accordingly, the time and place of the General Assembly of this bank are as follows:

With regard to the capital increase license with license number DPM-IOP-99A-173 dated 09/26/1399, all shareholders, lawyers or legal representatives of the shareholder as well as representatives or representatives of legal entities are invited to the meeting of the general assembly of the company in At 14:00 on Monday, 10/15/2016 in Tehran province, Tehran, at the address of Shahid Ostad Motahhari St., No. 187, 4th floor, Sina Bank Conference Hall, they will attend.