The time of reopening the bank symbols was announced

According to Baaqtesad news website, Saeed Mohammad Alizadeh explained about the suspension yesterday and the suspension of the symbol of the three banks Mellat, Saderat and Tejarat: This event follows the recent decision of the government board to transfer four refineries in Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas and national investment companies. , Hepco and Iran Transfo happened to these three banks.

He continued: “Therefore, due to the importance of the issue of transfer in the financial statements, the symbol of the three banks was closed and suspended for a maximum of 10 days so that these three banks can identify the effects of profit and loss and approve the cabinet decision for market participants.”

The official explained in response to the question that if the banks announce that the announcement of the Cabinet decision will take time or the details of these transfers and the figures will be vague, what will be the task of reopening the symbols: Anyway, these three The bank should provide even general explanations that the details are not clear in order to pave the way for the reopening of the symbol.

Alizadeh added: “This is while the maximum stop of the symbols structurally and based on current procedures will be 10 days, and if Mellat, Saderat and Tejarat banks give sufficient explanations sooner, the symbol will be reopened.”

According to this report, according to the decision of the government board two days ago, the Ministry of Economy (Privatization Organization) is obliged to provide 43.5 thousand billion Tomans of the remaining government shares in four refineries in Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas and national investment companies, HEPCO And Iran to transfer Transfo to Mellat, Saderat and Tejarat banks.

Also, the transferees are obliged to transfer the equivalent of 14.5 thousand billion Tomans of the value of the transferred shares in proportion to the amount determined by the Ministry of Economy in four equal installments (monthly until the end of this year) without interest on installment sales to the Treasury Targeted Subsidies Organization. To deposit in order to be used to pay the beneficiaries by allocating the program and budget organization.

The equivalent of 29,000 billion tomans of the shares subject to this approval letter will be transferred to the above banks for the payment of government debt. Payment of all commissions and stock transfer costs subject to this approval will be the responsibility of the transfer recipients and the stock transfer is exempt from tax.

Source: Bourse Press