The time of sale of justice shares was determined

Justice shares It has grown significantly in recent days. Justice stock prices have risen in the past week. The stock of justice has had good days. Here are the new details of the sale of justice shares.

One of the most important questions for shareholders of justice stocks since the beginning of liberalization has been why these stocks do not enter the personal portfolio of individuals?

Follow-up shows that the placement of justice stocks in the stock market basket of individuals is possible in the future.

Mahmoud Hassanlou, the technical director of Adalat shares, also confirmed this in a live Instagram interview with Tejarat News and said: “We are trying to prepare the infrastructure by the spring of next year and shareholders can manage their shares through their personal portfolio.”

Of the 100 percent shares of Justice, the first 30 percent was released on 10 June, the second 30 percent on 18 August, and the third 30 percent is to be sold on 22 February. According to the technical director of Justice, the final 10% will be released in the spring of next year.

When will the justice stock be deposited?

Hasanloo pointed out that in the past few months, due to the negative market, neither real nor legal entities were interested in buying shares: “In these circumstances, justice shares were not sold and legal entities were not willing to buy these shares.”

He also commented on the future of the sale of justice shares: “As the stock market continues to grow, the sale of justice shares is expected to accelerate and deposits will probably begin.”

The total stock index fell to its lowest level of 1,211,000 units by November 11th, but in recent weeks it has started to grow and today it has crossed the limit of 1.5 million units.

Yesterday, the value of justice shares of 532 thousand Tomans reached more than 14 million Tomans.

Source: Trade News